About us

AgriHQ is the leading provider of independent market intelligence, insight, tools and commentary on New Zealand's key primary industry sectors, brought to you by our first-class team of analysts and experts.

Our services cater for the needs of agri-business professionals with a stake in the performance of the NZ agri sector along with get-ahead farm operators all of whom need intelligent tools and services to make better business decisions. 

We offer a range of analytical reports, data feeds, white-label and custom products and a growing range of tools and calculators such as the Farmgate Milk Price Calculator, NZ Milk Production Predictor, and AgriHQ Finisher. 

From understanding next week's meat schedule prices, expert analysis of agri-sectors, collating industry data, and packaging these up into simple to read reports – we’ve got it covered.

Supporting agri businesses large and small through our range of tailored and off-the-shelf services, our customers both domestic and offshore value our independence, expertise and authority which they believe gives them the edge.

We have a reputation of delivering content that is both high quality and credible which empowers agribusiness to make informed decisions.

AgriHQ data is collected directly (and often exclusively) from our international network of key industry players and markets including processors, traders, exporters and saleyards and we undertake regular surveys and one-to-one meetings to build a robust set of data and information on a week-by-week basis.

Our expert team of specialised analysts collate the data and industry knowledge gained from these relationships then draw on over 25 years’ historical information and experience to deliver trusted and reliable analysis.

Our team of highly experienced journalists complement our analysts to produce exclusive news angles on primary sector developments.

The end result is a set of products that deliver local and global data analysis, trends, outlooks and high quality news to keep our readers, both behind and beyond the farmgate, fully informed on NZ’s significant primary sector and the drivers that influence changes.

We know data and analysis can be all-consuming so our services are always designed to be easy to digest but still provide a comprehensive set of data, analysis and news that will leave the end-user feeling better informed.


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