Pulpit - It’s time for farmer efficiency

Albert Einstein’s wise words “The most important thing is not to ever stop questioning how to do things better” align perfectly with the business of farming.

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  • Manfeild Park calf sale October 20

    There was only a very small entry of 70 calves at Manfeild Park on Monday as the season winds down.

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  • Feilding sale October 20

    There was a big reduction in the prime hogget entry at Feilding on Monday, slightly compensated for by a rise in the ewe entry. New season’s lambs are not coming forward in any numbers, which is putting some pressure on those who still have to supply sheep to the works, and that pressure was reflected in fully firm sale prices for hoggets. Medium hoggets lifted in price and heavyweight male hoggets remained strong.

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  • Agriculture student of the year a standout performer

    Monique Mathis, a third-year bachelor of agricommerce student was crowned Massey University agriculture student of the year in Palmerston North last Friday.

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  • Fonterra board elections under way

    Elections are under way for three positions on Fonterra’s board of directors, and for the shareholders’ councillor elections in four of the country’s wards. 

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Staying power

My laptop battery needed replacing. It would not hold charge. My first reaction was that, because this particular laptop had rarely left the desktop let alone been used on battery power, why had it packed up?

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  • Time to share the NZ story

    As one of five 2014 Nuffield New Zealand scholars I’m on an international study tour to broaden my understanding of global agriculture and trade. The knowledge I’m gathering will ultimately be shared with my fellow Kiwi farmers.

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  • Dealing to flystrike and lice

    Flystrike and lice on sheep are serious diseases in terms of animal welfare, particularly flystrike, and it has an economic impact.

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  • Unbeetable potential

    Last season’s dry forced a Manawatu farmer to rethink the planned use of his fodder beet crop. The result was an unexpected lamb finishing strategy.

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  • Advance party advances

    The Mackenzie District Deer Industry Advance Party is living up to the name and breaking new ground.

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Agriculture student of the year a standout performer

Monique Mathis, a third-year bachelor of agricommerce student was crowned Massey University agriculture student of the year in Palmerston North last Friday.

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  • Flock off, sheep

    Spring. That means longer days and more work.

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  • Editorial - Lifelong learning

    No one ever said a science degree would be easy – but it has been my passport to many interesting jobs and an exciting career that has taken me all over the country and around the world.

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  • Growing and grading ‘gold’

    What grows on a pasture-fed animal, is worth ten times more than most merino wool, and is a health food? It’s deer velvet; the young soft antlers on stags. Jo Grigg investigated the velvet supply chain and some of its workers. 

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  • Vintners Luck

    Some might say Mike Winter has had a lucky run moving from Lincoln University graduate to assistant manager of a large Central Otago vineyard in just over three years. But as Lynda Gray discovered he’s done the hard yards and recently tested – and proved – his mettle in a national viticulture contest.

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The Last Roundup

I woke up one mid-May morning to the sound of rain on the iron roof and I just didn’t want to get up. As I lay snugly in bed and turned over, I decided one good turn deserved another, turned over again, pulled the blankets over my head, and decided I would lease the farm out and start filling my very long bucket list. A friend had just told me that due to ill-health, her bucket had a hole in it. So I had better get cracking before my bucket sprung a leak too. By that evening the land was leased to a cousin and I had sent away to renew my passport.

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  • Much rests on this research

    There’s going to be a huge amount of interest in research to be released by DairyNZ later this year on the economic impact of farmers building wintering barns, and the effect on nitrogen leaching.

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  • The perfect blend

    Last month I discussed some of the ins and outs of the condition score (CS) during winter in the two herds at the Stratford Demonstration Farm.

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  • Director hopefuls front up

    In recent years one of Fonterra’s biggest challenges has been how to attract and hold on to milk supply. Six candidates are contesting three farmer spots on the co-operative’s board this year and Dairy Exporter asked them just one question – what has to happen to stop the seepage of milk to competitors?

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  • Time for a cool change

    “Farmers will be asking what other hoops they will have to jump through,” Federated Farmers dairy policy advisor Ann Thompson says, discussing proposals to update the onfarm raw milk cooling standard. 

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