Milk Production Predictor

The NZ Milk Production Predictor was developed in conjunction with Massey University. The tool forecasts the total NZ monthly milk production for the next three months. If you have already subscribed please log in in or you can subscribe by clicking the button above.


About MPP

The NZ Milk Production Predictor has been developed for by NZX in conjunction with Massey University, with funding from Callaghan Innovation. To access this tool you require a subscription which you can purchase through the AgriHQ online shop. The NZ Milk Production Predictor forecasts and estimates NZ monthly milk production. Forecasts are produced for the coming three months, with estimates used for the previous two months until official figures are released by the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ).

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Use disclaimer

The Milk Production Predictor is derived from various sources believed to be accurate and current. NZX Limited and related companies, their directors, officers, agents, employees or contractors do not give any representation or warranty as to its reliability, accuracy or completeness. The Milk Production Predictor is based on assumptions and historical relationships. Therefore, if in the future these relationships change or the assumptions do not hold, the output will not be accurate. Given these inaccuracies may occur at any time, neither NZX nor Massey University can guarantee the accuracy of any output.