AgriHQ Toolbox

AgriHQ Toolbox is the new home for data tools to support farmers. Click on the links below to access our Milk Production Predictor, Farmgate Milk Price Calculator and AgriHQ Finisher tool.

The Milk Production Predictor is a subscriber-only product. The Farmgate Milk Price Calculator & AgriHQ Finisher are free to access tools with no subscription required. 

Milk Production Predictor

The NZ Milk Production Predictor was developed in conjunction with Massey University. The tool forecasts the total NZ monthly milk production for the next three months. If you have already subscribed please log in in or you can subscribe by clicking the button above.

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Farmgate Milk Price Calculator

The Farmgate Milk Price Calculator tool helps you calculate a farmgate milk price based on dairy commodity prices, exchange rate and estimated costs. This free calculator is pre-loaded with default figures, please login or register to be able to add and change your own figures and learn more about what is driving the NZ milk supply curve this season.

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AgriHQ Finisher

AgriHQ in partnership with Heartland Bank have developed a free to use Finisher tool to help you make smarter decisions when selecting your finishing stock. The easy to use tool allows you to quickly evaluate different options and calculate trading margin from store stock to help you find the best time to sell. 

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