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An Economic Perspective


This book, by co-authors Alan Emerson, Jacqueline Rowarth and Frank Scrimgeour, is a timely follow-up to Future Food Farming published in 2009. It is a thought-provoking and timely collection of chapters covering the sector.
In the last sixty five years New Zealand has gone from wool as its major export earner to meat to dairy. New Zealanders have benefitted by living a first world lifestyle on primary production exports.
Agriculture is not and will never be a 'sunset industry'. We enjoy a temperate climate, our farmers are quick to adopt new practices and technology and our scientists and academic institutions are world class. 
This book outlines the economic contribution of agriculture today and looks into the future considering products markets, investment requirements and structures. It is a must read for all New Zealanders.
We have a great and exciting future as a producer of high quality agriculture produce.  We just need to keep our eye on the ball to make it happen.
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Opinel Knife


Opinel – The classic French country knife. Invented by Joseph Opinel in 1890 and virtually unchanged since.

  • Manufactured in the Savoie region of France utilising the finest carbon steel and beech wood.
  • Integrated locking ring. 7cm blade.
  • Postage included.

Must have for any farmer and a great gift idea.  Available with your choice of a Country-Wide or NZ Dairy Exporter brand. 

Prices displayed are for delivery within New Zealand only.  International shoppers please email for pricing.
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Agribusiness – Growing New Zealand’s Future


Agribusiness – Growing New Zealand’s Future provides an excellent insight into the issues, challenges, unique features and opportunities facing the country’s agriculture sector.

It was written and edited during 2015 by a group of third-year students studying agribusiness at the University of Waikato, under the guidance of Professor Jacqueline Rowarth.

Agribusiness – Growing New Zealand’s Future is available for free download. Its 16 chapters cover a host of individual topics from the role of science and innovation, the impact of overseas investment in New Zealand farmland, through to value chain traceability, ownership structures and the rural broad-band initiative.

Download your copy here.

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Farmers' Veterinary Guide


The 3rd edition updates the long-established standard reference book for farmers and smallholders who own and care for animals commonly on New Zealand farms.

First published in 1959, the book has been revised by mainly new authors from the staff of the Veterinary School in the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences of Massey University. It retains its easy to read format and clear practical information to help readers deal with diseases and emergencies. It also guides animal owners in the steps that can take to maintain the health and welfare of animals on their farm. 

The new edition covers new diseases and emerging issues, such as the increase in resistance of parasites to worm treatments. For the first time, there are also photographs and illustrations to show some conditions and treatments methods.

This edition of the Farmers' Veterinary Guide will be a welcome addition to any farm library and a valuable reference to any young farmer or ag student.

EDITOR: NORM WILLIAMSON. Edition: third (newest). PUBLISHED: July 2008. PUBLISHER: 3mediagroup. ISBN: 978-0-473-13622-2. 


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Pup Pen to Paddock


A no-nonsense guide to rearing and training better sheep-dogs. Book or DVD.

A must for any stockman or woman who wants to gain the satisfaction of training their own sheep dogs along with the pleasure of developing a reliable working team. Describes an easy to follow and apply system of training both Huntaways and Heading Dogs for, first and foremost, every day farm work.

An easily understood reference tool by one of NZ's most respected trialists and trainers. This comprehensive guide takes you through every step from pup to becoming a competent member of the working team.

Available on book or new release DVD. Or, get both and save $5: Great gift idea.

Preview the DVD

Author/publisher: Lloyd Smith.  Book published 2005. Format: Paperback. DIMENSIONS: 21x14.5 centimetres (65g) Pages: 29.
DVD new release 2012: Dimensions 19x13.5 centimetres (80G) 


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Shear Hard Work


This book brings to life the noise and bustle, the long days and hard work, and the extraordinary men and women of the New Zealand shearing industry.

From the 1850s, when shearers were labelled the 'very dregs of the colonial democracy', to the present day when New Zealand shearers set world records and shear sheep around the globe, shearers have played a defining role in New Zealand life. 

Hazel Riseborough (author of Ngamatea) brings you the history of shearing in the words of the shearers and shedhands, wool handlers and classers, cooks and contractors who work in the sheds, compete at shows and set the records.

SHEAR HARD WORK takes readers into the country's rural heart and introduces some extraordinary New Zealanders who are on the job at 5am and who sweat their way to shear brilliance. 

Preview the book here 

AUTHOR: Hazel Riseborough Published: March 2010, PUBLISHER: AUCKLAND UNIversity press. ISBN: 978-1-86940-453-6 FORMAT: PAPERBACK. DIMENsions: 24 x 18 centimetres (1055g). pages: 360g colour & b/w illustrations


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What Happened to Haystacks and Horses?


New Zealand agriculture has seen huge changes in the period from the end of WWII to the 2000 Millenium.

Mechanisation, new products, new plants and animals, and changing financial fortunes. Technical and management changes on farms and political and economic influences off it. Horses were replaced by tractors and trucks, haystacks by barns and bales. Urban attitudes to farming changed.However it is still the essential base to our economy and place in the world.

Changes in this era of New Zealand farming history are covered in two distinct ways in this book:

Part One is the fictional life story of a typical pastoral farmer through a career starting as a shepherd in the 1950s and retiring from farming in the new Millenium. He was just an ordinary farmer like thousands of others, not especially notable or noteworthy, but who was part of the ongoing platform of the relative prosperity of the period.

Part Two covers specific changes with snapshots and snippets of many topic areas. These are broadly grouped into main subjects, and also cross-referenced. This is not an exhaustive record but a collection of significant changes that directly and indirectly affected a typical farmer.

AUTHOR: GarrICK BATTEN Published: JULY 2012, PUBLISHER: The Copy Press. ISBN: 978-0-47321-075-5 FORMAT: PAPERBACK. DIMENsions: 21 x 15.5 centimetres (595g). pages: 323
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Farming Travels


'I commend to readers this collection of reflections, opinions and anecdotes from a fascinating period in the life of one of New Zealand farming's biggest contributors.'
Tony Leggett, Managing Editor, NZX Agri.

This book is a tribute to one of New Zealand's unsung contributors to agriculture. It chronicles Roger Marshall's highly successful career in farming, particularly stud sheep breeding and cover his lengthy time in agri-politics plus his travel to some faraway, exotic places.

Roger admits farming was not his first choice occupation, but under his guidance, the farm he took over management of at 23 years of age stands out today as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

Author: ROGER Marshall Published: August 2010. FORMAT: paperback.
dimensions: 21 x 14.5 CENTIMETRES (160g). Pages: 72


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