RBNZ predicts static dairy prices

14 November 2017

Reserve Bank research into local volatility in commodity prices indicates dairy prices will stay at their current levels in the short- to medium-term barring some major shift in Europe or the United States.

Mixed movements on Derivatives market

13 November 2017

Prices for whole milk powder (WMP) and butter futures trading on the NZX Dairy Derivatives market fell last week, while those for skim milk powder (SMP) and anhydrous milkfat (AMF) futures lifted. 

TPP market access provisions still insecure

12 November 2017

Exporters disappointed by the failure to clinch the TransPacific Partnership at this weekend’s APEC meeting in Vietnam have taken solace from the preservation of the deal’s existing market access provisions although niggling doubts remain about how long even agreement on that could last.

Formula claims lack scientific proof

9 November 2017

A lack of science underpinning infant formula products is not hindering the largest global manufacturers from profiting from a constant introduction of new formula products making a variety of claims, a new report says.

FCNZ says Synlait faces medium-term risks

9 November 2017

While the momentum in Synlait Milk’s business looks set to continue to track up this financial year, First NZ Capital analyst Arie Dekker points to some medium to longer-term risks around the sustainability of its margins.

AgriHQ milk price forecast weakens further

9 November 2017

The AgriHQ milk price forecast for the 2017-18 season lost another 14 cents this week, reaching $6.24/kg of milksolids (MS). This follows the decline in dairy commodity prices at the November 7 Global Dairy Trade (GDT) event and a weakening outlook.

Banks wary of dairy price risk

8 November 2017

Bank economists have issued fresh warnings about downside risk to milk prices after the latest Global Dairy Trade auction but note the weaker New Zealand dollar is moderating damage to exporter earnings.

US targets South Korea for cheese

8 November 2017

United States dairy exporters are looking to deepen their relationship with South Korean buyers as a means to capitalise on their growing demand for cheese.

Third UHT line for Waitoa

8 November 2017

Fonterra is expanding its Waitoa UHT site to keep ahead of growing demand for its products.

Dairy commodity prices slide overnight

8 November 2017

Dairy commodity prices slid back even further at the November 7 Global Dairy Trade (GDT) event.