6 August 2020

Frankton cattle sale 6.08

  • R2 beef-dairy steers, 440-502kg, realised $2.99-$3.04/kg

  • All R2 heifers, 440kg and over, managed $2.97-$3.01/kg

  • R1 Friesian bulls lifted to $2.66/kg

  • Autumn-born weaner Hereford-Friesian heifers returned $520

  • Autumn-born Hereford-Friesian steers, 110-115kg, fetched $480-$550

Cattle throughput lifted to 423 head for New Zealand Farmers Livestock at Frankton last Wednesday and sold on a mostly improved market. R2 beef-dairy steers averaged 420kg and $2.97/kg. Autumn-born weaner heifers made up a good portion of the offering and Charolais-cross and Hereford, 124-136kg, traded at $400-$415 with dairy-beef commonly $300-$390.

Prime Hereford-dairy steers lifted to $3.00-$3.05/kg, and beef-dairy heifers sold well at $2.95-$3.00/kg. Top end boner Friesian-cross cows, 439-626kg, achieved $2.22-$2.24/kg, with second cuts at $2.04-$2.11/kg. Read more in your LivestockEye.