19 February 2020

Frankton cattle 19.02

  • R3 Hereford-Friesian steers, 465kg, lifted 4c/kg to $2.41/kg

  • R2 beef-dairy steers, 351-396kg, improved to $2.63-$2.65/kg

  • Quality autumn-born R2 Hereford-Friesian steers, 405-418kg, strengthened to $2.54-$2.57/kg

  • Weaner Hereford-Friesian steers, 139-189kg, improved to $480-$660

  • A line of 20 weaner Friesian-cross bulls, 143kg, traded at $360

Store cattle throughput increased to 167 at Frankton last Wednesday, and a few new faces on the benches lifted returns for some.

R3 Angus-Friesian heifers, 420kg, topped their section at $2.38/kg, while the balance, 405-438kg, earned $2.00-$2.05/kg. R2 heifers were consistent and all 356kg-368kg traded at $2.32-$2.34/kg.

Weaner beef-dairy heifers, 109-196kg, fetched $370-$480.

Prime cattle numbers dropped to 57 head. Beef-dairy steers, 610-748kg, held value at $2.44-$2.49/kg. Nine Angus cows, 453-549kg, earned $1.43-$1.53/kg.

Boner Friesian and Friesian-cross cows, 536-600kg, lifted to $1.22-$1.30/kg, while 456-521kg softened to $1.03-$1.12/kg.