22 January 2020

Frankton cattle 22.01

  • Two-year Hereford-Friesian steers, 542-575kg, traded at $2.68-$2.72/kg

  • Yearling Hereford-Friesian steers, 334-430kg, softened to $2.65-$2.71/kg

  • Yearling Hereford-dairy heifers, 308-338kg, fetched $2.43-$2.50/kg

  • Yearling Friesian bulls, 429-449kg, eased to $2.42-$2.43/kg

  • Prime Hereford-Friesian heifers, 490-559kg, softened to $2.66-$2.67/kg

A slightly reduced yarding of 572 cattle was penned at Frankton last Wednesday.

Two-year beef-dairy heifers, 413-438kg, were consistent at $2.45-$2.50/kg.

Ten yearling Speckle Park steers, 412kg, returned $2.56/kg, while Hereford-dairy, 317-393kg, improved to $2.49-$2.50/kg.

Prime Angus steers, 548-574kg, held at $2.75-$2.76/kg, as did Hereford-dairy heifers, 507-521kg, $2.63-$2.71/kg. Twelve Hereford bulls, 628-655kg, sold at an improved $2.83-$2.96/kg.

Boner Friesian cows, 474-531kg, held at $1.60-$1.67/kg, and cross-bred, 477-215kg, earned $1.52-$1.61/kg.