25 March 2019

Taranaki cattle sale 20.03

  • R3 Hereford-cross steers, 421kg, made $2.80/kg

  • R2 Angus-Friesian steers, 382-435kg, sold for $2.90-$2.96/kg

  • Friesian cows, 465-550kg, firmed to $1.73/kg

  • Vetted-in-calf Friesian cows, 435-625kg, firmed to $1.81/kg

Decent rain through Taranaki last week boosted pasture growth and confidence at the Taranaki sale last Wednesday.
Prime steers sold well, strengthening to $2.84-$2.93/kg for 531-615kg dairy-beef. Two-year Friesian cows, 333-426kg, firmed to $1.85-$1.98/kg.
A smaller volume of R2 steers lifted and Charolais-cross, 392kg, made $3.05/kg, while in the heifer pens, Charolais-cross, 350kg, and Hereford-Friesian, 305-434kg, lifted to $2.72-$2.87/kg. There was a small number of weaners, and steers made $410-$575, while heifers varied with lesser quality types at $280 and better types $430.