20 May 2020

Taranaki cattle 20.05

  • R2 Traditional steers, 303-471kg, fetched $2.36-$2.40/kg

  • Weaner Angus-Friesian steers, 262kg, made $715

  • Weaner Hereford bulls, 266kg, traded at $785

The Taranaki cattle sale last Wednesday went better than expected, with a lift in demand both in the rostrum and online for R2 steers. Hereford-Friesian, 425-495kg, had the biggest jump, up an average of 14c/kg to $2.49/kg, with the better types able to reach $2.54-$2.64/kg. The balance varied depending on breed and type, although typically sold either side of the $2.30/kg mark. R2 heifers also improved on the previous sale with the average beef-dairy up 20c/kg to $2.15/kg, and the top end, $2.25-$2.35/kg.  Clearing backlogs at processors were evident with prime steers strengthening to $2.52-$2.64/kg, and prime heifers at $2.52/kg.