1 July 2020

Taranaki cattle 1.07

  • R3 Hereford-Friesian steers, 461kg, sold well at $2.65/kg

  • R2 Speckle Park-Angus steers, 301kg, achieved $2.69/kg

  • R2 Simmental-cross and Hereford-dairy heifers, 442kg, realised $2.47-$2.52/kg

  • Good quality owner bred R1 heifers made $2.30/kg to $2.60/kg

  • Boner cows were mostly 400-515kg, which traded at $1.90-$1.95/kg

Cooler weather kept a few buyers out of the market at Taranaki last Wednesday. Lifting schedules helped prime steers strengthen, with Hereford-Friesian steers, 765kg, able to reach $2.81/kg, and prime Hereford-dairy heifers, 550kg, also firmed to $2.69/kg. R2 steers over 400kg typically held at $2.52/kg to $2.63/kg, while anything lighter was around the $2.30/kg mark. Well-marked and owner-bred R1 Hereford-Friesian bulls, 155-187kg, sold well at $3.21-$3.55/kg. R1 steers were mostly Friesian and Murray Grey-cross, 197-225kg, and fetched $2.20/kg to $2.60/kg. Read more in your LivestockEye.