19 July 2019

Taranaki cattle 17.07

  • R2 Hereford-Friesian steers, 388kg, sold for $3.16/kg

  • R3 beef-cross heifers, 477-500kg, made $2.66-$2.74/kg

  • Top R1 Jersey bulls, 254kg, earned $900

  • Prime steers fetched $2.94-$3.10/kg

Last week’s Taranaki cattle sale was small, although the market held. Steers continued to have strong demand, with 3-year-plus beef-cross, 537-547kg, selling well at $3.03-$3.04/kg. R2 Hereford-cross steers also made good money, with 365-372kg, fetching $3.05-$3.07/kg. R2 heifers were typically Hereford-cross and better types made $2.70-$2.74/kg. R1 steers strengthened with the majority making $710-$785, while heifers were mainly $500-$600. Prime steers strengthened, while boner cows varied, with in-calf crossbred, 706kg, topping this category at $2.33/kg.