11 March 2020

Taranaki cattle and dairy-beef weaner fair 11.03

  • R3 steers mostly sold at $2.47- $2.48/kg, with Angus-cross, 441kg, at $2.59/kg

  • R2 Angus heifers, vetted-in-calf to purebred Angus, fetched $2.55/kg. $1000

  • Weaner, Welsh Black-cross steers, 229kg, traded at $680

  • Weaner dairy-beef bulls, 157kg, made $525

Low volumes of weaner cattle lead to a combined sale at Taranaki last Wednesday. There were around 450 dairy-beef calves on offer and anything at the lighter end struggled to sell. Heavy weaner Friesian bulls, 229-236kg, achieved $590-$635 and 163-175kg, $445-$490, while anything below this required vendors to meet the market. The majority of weaner heifers over 125kg fetched at least $400, and anything below this sold at $370 and below. There was good interest for older cattle and good-quality R2 Hereford-Friesian steers, 362-379kg, achieved $2.65-$2.73/kg and the majority of R2 heifers sold in a range of $2.42-$2.52/kg.