20 February 2020

Taranaki dairy-beef weaner fair 20.02

  • Weaner Friesian bulls, 174-178kg, fetched $500-$515

  • Weaner Speckle Park-cross steers, 168kg, traded at $580

There was a bit more competition last Thursday at the Taranaki dairy-beef weaner fair. Over half of the yarding was made up of Friesian bulls and heavier weights helped the average price lift to $430. Heifers also had more interest, and most were Hereford-Friesian, 130-150kg, which held at $430-$465. The steer section featured some nice lines and good quality Angus-Friesian, 130kg, strengthened to $510. Bidding was more subdued for Hereford-Friesian steers and the bulk of these sold in a range of $440-$525, with one line able to hold at $550.