12 January 2021

Lorneville 12.01

  • Yearling Jersey bulls, 260kg, made $1.92/kg

  • Weaner bulls and heifers traded at $360-$370

  • Heavy prime lambs earned $128-$136 with light to medium types at $100-$126

Prime cattle were limited at Lorneville last Tuesday and boner cows, 380-540kg sold at $1.20-$1.30/kg. Store cattle sold on a similar market as before the Christmas break and yearling Angus-cross steers, 390kg, made $2.26/kg and 316kg Friesian realised $2.15/kg.

Heavy prime ewes fetched $113-$130, with medium $98-$108 and light $80-$91. Top store lambs returned $85-$90, with medium at $75-$80 and light $60-$70.