20 February 2020

Charlton sheep 20.02

  • Heavy prime lambs lifted $10 to $150

  • Medium to good two-tooth ewes returned $110-$120

  • Heavy prime ewes improved $10 to $130

  • Medium to heavy rams strengthened to $80-$90

  • Top store lambs held at $110

A small yarding traded at mostly steady to lifting levels at Charlton last Thursday, PGG Wrightson agent David Morrison reported. The small volume worked in vendors favor in the prime lamb and ewe sections, and medium lambs held at $120-130, while lighter types lifted $5 to $110-$115. Medium prime ewes held at $85-$100, as did light at $50-$75.

Store lambs sold to good demand and medium types lifted $5 for the top end to $85-$100.