7 July 2020

Lorneville cattle and sheep sale 7.07

  • R2 Hereford-Friesian steers, 380-480kg, made $1.92-$2.02/kg

  • Heavy prime ewes sold well at $157-$188

  • One and two shear Texel-cross breeding ewes fetched $185

  • Two, three and four shear Texel-cross breeding ewes traded at $175

There was a small yarding of prime cattle at Lorneville last Tuesday which sold on a steady market. Boner cows returned $1.30/kg to $1.46/kg, while prime bulls fetched $2.20/kg. Prime lambs strengthened with heavy types at $144-$161, medium $126-$138, and light $111-$120. Medium prime ewes fetched $125-$147, and light $71-$119. Store lambs sold on a firm market with the top end at $110-$115, medium $100-$108, and light $85-$95.