25 March 2019

Lorneville cattle and sheep sale 20.03

  • Two and three-shear Border Leicester-cross ewes made $190-$200

  • Four-shear plus Border Leicester-cross ewes earned $150-$160

  • Most store lambs held at $70-$110

  • Light to medium dairy heifers eased to $1.10-$1.50/kg

  • Good R2 beef heifers, 320-400kg, earned $2.05-$2.18/kg

Breeding ewes and dairy heifers featured at Lorneville last Tuesday, while prime sheep volume was moderate. Lambs firmed to $101-$147, as did mixed age ewes at $70-$158 and two-tooth’s, $60-$142.
Prime beef-cross steers and heifers made $2.20-$2.30/kg, and good dairy heifers, $1.80-$1.90/kg. Heavy and medium dairy cows held at $1.25-$1.50/kg, with lighter types at $1.00-$1.20/kg.
Store quality was mixed and R2 Friesian bulls, 392kg, earned $2.11/kg, and Hereford-cross steers, 423kg, $2.24/kg. Younger Friesian bulls, 180-216kg, made $480-$525, and Hereford-cross heifers, 163kg, $490.