13 April 2021

Lorneville 13.04

  • Prime steers, 500-600kg, sold to $2.00/kg to $2.25/kg

  • Better prime heifers above 450kg made $2.00-$2.10/kg

  • Boner cows earned $1.00-$1.02/kg

  • Top store lambs fetched $100-$110, medium $85-$95 and light $75-$80

  • Local trade rams sold to $50-$80

There was a large yarding of store cattle at Lorneville last Tuesday. R2 beef-cross steers, 400-435kg, made $760-$935 with 450kg beef-cross heifers at $2.02/kg. Weaner Hereford-Friesian steers, 160-180kg, traded at $400-$440 and better beef-cross bulls, 160kg, made $320. Heavy prime lambs sold to $126-$138, with medium at $111-$123 and light $96-$110. Heavy prime ewes achieved $152-$186, with medium at $122-$144 and light $90-$117.