19 July 2019

Lorneville sale 16.07

  • Heavy prime lambs lifted to $170-$184

  • Top two-tooth ewes earned $160-$192

  • Store lambs made $100-$125

  • Two-year Hereford-cross steers, 507kg, made $2.84/kg

At Lorneville last week prime lambs lifted again, with light to medium types making $139-$166. Two-tooths sold well and prime ewes strengthened, with heavies at $151-$188 and light to mediums making $112-$143. Local trade rams sold in a range of $83-$118.

There was a small yarding of prime cattle, where 540-590kg steers sold well at $2.86, and 380kg heifers made $2.00-$2.20/kg. Store cattle were also limited, Hereford-cross, 377kg, were bought for $2.76/kg, with heavier types above this.