14 September 2021

Lorneville 14.09

  • Heavy prime ewes fetched $196-$232 with medium at $146-$180 and light $120-$140

  • Local trade rams earned $90-$100

  • Boner cows made $1.50/kg to $1.90/kg

  • Two-year Friesian bulls, 412kg, sold to $2.86/kg

  • Yearling Hereford-cross heifers, 281-278kg, achieved $2.70-$2.75/kg

Heavy prime lambs earned $175-$199 at Lorneville last Tuesday with medium at $158-$168 and light $141. Good 2-tooth ewes achieved $138-$154 and light to medium $90-$98. Top store lambs were secured for $130-$145, medium $115-$125 and light $90-$110. Top prime steers fetched $3.15/kg, and heifers above 480kg reached $3.20/kg. There was solid demand for 2-year cattle and good 459kg steers traded to $3.05/kg, while Charolais-cross heifers, 484kg, achieved $3.12/kg. Yearling Hereford-cross and Speckle Park-cross steers, 295kg, made $2.86/kg-$2.88/kg. The top end of feeder calves up to three weeks old traded at $110-$140 thought there was little demand for the small calves.