South Canterbury

19 July 2019

Temuka prime and boner cattle; all sheep 15.07

  • Mixed-sex store lambs firmed to $133-$153

  • The best mixed-age ewes made $214-$232

  • Boner Friesian cows, 645-716kg, firmed to $1.90-$1.98/kg

  • Boner Friesian cows, 458-539kg, firmed to $1.60-$1.72/kg

A third of the cattle yarding at TEMUKA last week were boner cows, and prices for this class of stock rose across all weight bands. [SB1] Prime steers were mostly traditional and prices were robust, with 485-660kg at $2.71-$2.78/kg. More bulls were offered, and most made at least $2.30/kg. Buyers were focused on yield in the prime heifers, where the majority of the traditional and beef-Friesian sold for $2.60-$2.70/kg.

Store lamb throughput rebounded, with large numbers of heavy store lambs available, especially mixed-sex. Prime lambs sold on a good market with top pens at $235-$240, and the remainder $142-$199. A big variance in ewe quality meant most ranged from $70 to $187.