South Canterbury

22 February 2021

Temuka prime and boner cattle; all sheep 22.02

  • Angus steers, 515-615kg, earned $2.43-$2.50/kg

  • Traditional heifers, 438-670kg, fetched $2.20-$2.29/kg

  • Friesian cows, 515-710kg, earned $1.44-$1.55/kg

  • Hereford and Murray Grey bulls, 699-700kg, managed $2.57-$2.58/kg

The heaviest store lambs at Temuka last Monday earned $120-$128 with medium pens $95-$112. The prime lamb offering was of a decent size and the bulk of the tally traded for $110-$160. Ewe quality was more mixed than the previous sale, but most lines again ranged from $120-$186. Many steers were Hereford-Friesian and along with other dairy-beef breeds earned $2.29-$2.39/kg for those over 500kg. Of the 40 bulls offered, 22 were Angus. Two-thirds were good yielding 608-640kg that made $2.62/kg, but others were heavy ex-sires and made similar money. Read more in your LivestockEye.