South Canterbury

6 July 2020

Temuka prime and boner cattle; all sheep 6.07

  • Prime beef-dairy steers held at $2.31/kg to $2.45/kg

  • Boner Friesian heifers, 465-513kg, held at $2.10-$2.20/kg

  • Prime Hereford cows, 427-535kg, softened to $1.50-$1.61/kg

  • Top store ewe lambs earned $140, medium $92-$115 and light $81

  • Top mixed-age ewes traded at $180-$207, although most made $110-$175

A reduced tally of 340 cattle met a smaller bench of buyers at Temuka last Monday, and prices eased with traditional steers, 498-590kg, $2.41-$2.47/kg. A highlight was prime Angus-Hereford heifers, 530kg, which achieved $2.58/kg, with the next cut $2.41-$2.47/kg. Boner Friesian cows eased and 430-598kg earned $1.46-$1.53/kg.

Store lamb tallies were back to normal levels at just over 2000 head and prices eased. Good mixed-sex lambs made $138-$147, medium $116-$119 and light $76-$107, while mixed-sex Merino-cross fetched $108-$125. Top prime lambs strengthened to $180-$212, although most sold at $140-$180 and $120-$140. Read more in your LivestockEye.