South Canterbury

17 February 2020

Temuka prime cattle and sheep 17.02

  • Hereford bulls, 605-770, eased to $2.50-$2.58/kg

  • Steers were generally $2.30/kg to $2.46/kg regardless of breed

  • Boner Friesian cows, 475-500kg, dropped 38c/kg to $1.07/kg

  • Most prime lambs made $110-$148, with the top cut improving to $150-$170

The cattle section at Temuka last Monday was very sticky. Many boner cattle showed the effects of the dry and quarter of the yarding earned $1/kg or less. Dairy bull prices fell significantly, with the top cuts at $2.20-$2.25/kg but most below $2/kg. In contrast, the lamb sections both lifted slightly. Fine wool store lambs were in demand and heavy lines improved to $96-$125 with mid-range types $70-$92. The top prime ewes made $159-$173, but most others traded at $100-$156, with lighter types at $50-$97.