South Canterbury

13 March 2020

Feilding store sale 13.03

  • R3 Hereford-Friesian steers, 570-580kg, went for $2.35/kg

  • R2 Friesian bulls, 360-475kg, were all $2.31-$2.37/kg

  • A consignment of 375-455kg Angus R2 steers made $2.76-$2.83/kg

  • Store male lambs averaged $102

  • Store ewe lambs averaged $85

A yarding of almost 400 store cattle were often showing signs of the tough farming conditions of late, however the market was still reasonable relative to the quality available. A few light and part-dairy R3 steers were around $2.32-$2.35/kg, but a line of 475kg traditional steers did better at $2.63/kg. One set of traditional R2 steers did well at $2.76-$2.83/kg but anything else was mostly $2.40-$2.60/kg for all types and weights. A line-up of 75 R2 Friesian bulls averaged $2.35/kg at 410kg. Quality was mainly sub-par through the heifers, but some 385-410kg beef-Friesian lines were at $2.14-$2.27/kg.

A yarding of 20,000 store lambs shifted well, though did edge under the benchmark set a week ago, which was to be expected given the numbers available. Heavy male lambs peaked at $117-$123, with the bulk of the other decent cuts at $103-$113 and medium-to-lighter types at $90-$98. For ewe lambs the market went up to $110-$112, but $89-$100 covered the other solid options. Medium ewe lambs were around $75-$85. Light lambs of all sexes were mostly $50-$70.