South Canterbury

17 May 2019

Temuka store cattle 16.05

  • R2 Hereford-Friesian, 375-417kg, made $2.37-$2.44/kg

  • R2 Devon-Hereford bulls, 313kg, earned $2.33/kg

  • Weaner Angus-cross steers, 277kg, sold for $725

At last week’s Temuka store cattle sale, the lack of demand showed with a number of pens being passed in and some bargains to be had. Heavy R2 heifers sold well considering, with 448-509kg making $2.38-$2.46/kg, and 411-438kg, $2.22-$2.33/kg, although the rest, 295-385kg, were a tougher sell at $2.00-$2.17/kg. Bulls were mostly Chatham Island cattle and managed $2.16-$2.21/kg. In the weaner pens, heavier steers were steady although heifers were a difficult sell and the top traditionally bred calves eased to $425-$474.