South Canterbury

6 August 2020

Temuka store cattle sale 6.08

  • R2 Angus steers, 276-306kg, fetched $2.82-$2.91/kg

  • R2 Hereford-Friesian steers, 438kg, made $2.60/kg

  • R2 Friesian and Friesian-cross bulls, 412-452kg, fetched $2.59-$2.65/kg

  • R2 Friesian heifers, 364-417kg, attracted bids of $1.92/kg to $2.06/kg

Favourable weather encouraged bids at Temuka last Thursday. R2 steers were mostly mixed-quality Hereford-Friesian, 300-400kg, that sold across a wide price range and one red-coloured pen, 341kg, outperformed the rest at $2.64/kg.
R1 Angus provided the biggest highlights. They were often sold in big pens and 33 steers, 225-255kg, earned $710-$720, while 275kg heifers made a healthy $730. Nearly 75 sold across three other heifer pens with one line, 222kg, holding 43 head that fetched $670 while the remainder, 171-195kg, made $490-$550. Read more in your LivestockEye.