South Canterbury

15 October 2020

Temuka store cattle 15.10

  • Two-year Murray Grey-cross steers, 468-492kg, fetched $2.45-$2.48/kg

  • Yearling Angus steers, 326kg, were priced at $2.64/kg

  • Four yearling Angus-Hereford steers, 273kg, fetched $2.79/kg

The gallery was more active at Temuka last Thursday. Hereford-Friesian provided most of the steers and 310-405kg made $2.13-$2.26/kg. Top Hereford-Friesian heifers, 409-436kg, earned $2.20-$2.25/kg while moderate numbers of lighter lines sold in two cuts that overlapped depending on quality; 344-384kg made $2.09-$2.13/kg and 291-375kg, $1.84-$1.95/kg. Yearling entries were spread across all classes including bulls that were a hard sell. Hereford-Friesian and Friesian, 227-320kg, earned $2.01-$2.04/kg. Most steers were Hereford-Friesian and 310-395kg averaged $2.37/kg and similarly weighted heifers, $2.27/kg. A good number of Angus-Friesian, 258-256kg, sold for $2.22-$2.29/kg, while nearly 30 Friesian heifers traded at $1.32-$1.39/kg. Read more in your LivestockEye.