Poverty Bay

25 March 2019

Matawhero sheep sale 22.03

  • Heavy male lambs, strengthened to $137

  • Light ram lambs, made $111

  • 2th Romney ewes, sold for $120

The Matawhero sheep sale had very strong interest and lambs were in good condition which was reflected in prices. Male lambs mostly sold for $119-$126, while ram lambs in the same weight sold very well with top lambs making $140. Ewe lambs were also heavier, and most of these made $106-$127. Mixed age Coopworth run-with-ram ewes in very good condition were bought for $120. In the prime pens, lambs made just above most store lambs at $132, 2th wethers for $148 and 2th ewes make $129.