Poverty Bay

7 July 2020

Matawhero cattle sale 7.07

  • Medium condition in-calf Angus cows reached $1060, $2.04/kg

  • R2 traditional steers averaged 385kg and firmed to $2.90/kg

  • R2 beef-cross bulls, 450kg, made $2.58/kg

Winter mode hit the Matawhero sale yards last Tuesday, with a small yarding of 415 cattle offered. Limited outside support meant local buyers dominated and better cattle firmed on the last sale. The balance of the Angus cows sold from $1.50/kg to $1.67/kg, while the top pen of R2 traditional heifers, 400kg, achieved $2.60/kg. Other lines varied from $2.12/kg to $2.53/kg with most under 300kg. A big pen of 32 R2 Friesian steers, 350kg, sold for $1.86/kg, while the fourth cut of beef-cross bulls made $2.45/kg for 265kg.
R1 volume was low and the biggest pens were Devon-cross heifers, 110-135kg, $180-$215. Read more in your LivestockEye.