5 August 2020

Kaikohe cattle 5.08

  • R1 beef steers made $2.85/kg to $3.20/kg

  • Autumn-born weaner Simmental-Friesian bulls fetched $545

  • Autumn-born weaner Friesian bulls traded at $490-$500

  • Better empty boner cows sold at $2.00-$2.10/kg

  • In-calf boner cows earned $2.15-$2.18/kg

Like many other sales a spring feel helped the market at Kaikohe last Wednesday for the 500 head offering, PGG Wrightson agent Vaughan Vujcich reported. R2 whiteface steers made $2.85/kg, with lesser beef-cross at $2.65-$2.70/kg. A light yarding of R2 heifers had beef types at $2.60-$2.70/kg, and off bred options down to $2.25-$2.35/kg. R1 bulls strengthened with Friesian at $2.85/kg and better Angus-Friesian up to $3.10/kg, while beef-cross heifers firmed to $2.50/kg to $2.70/kg.