23 May 2020

Wellsford store cattle sale 23.03

  • R2 Angus steers, 328-337kg, returned $2.40-$2.44/kg

  • R2 Red Devon steers, 301-361kg, ranged from $2.21/kg to $2.40/kg

  • R2 beef-dairy heifers, 323-338kg, were consistent at $2.28/kg

  • Weaner Hereford-Friesian steers, 159kg, were well received at $600

  • Weaner Angus-cross heifers, 178kg, held at $500, as did Hereford, 202kg, $575

Wellsford penned 291 cattle last Monday. A smattering of R3 cattle were on offer and Hereford-dairy steers, 366kg, managed $2.51/kg, and heavier Friesian-cross, 447kg, traded at $2.01/kg.

R2 cattle throughput lifted to 128 head and beef-dairy steers, 331-371kg, eased to $2.49-$2.55/kg, while Hereford-dairy, 270-271kg, returned $2.18-$2.20/kg. R2 Friesian heifers, 288kg, could only muster $1.81/kg, whilst all R2 bulls, 328-374kg, managed $2.29-$2.32/kg regardless of breed.

Weaners made up close to 50% of the yarding. Hereford-dairy steers, 188-233kg, traded at $430-$615, and Angus-cross, 151-173kg, eased to $495-$500. Hereford-Friesian heifers, 124kg, held at $445. Angus and Angus-Hereford bulls, 195-227kg, fetched $445-$475.

Thirteen empty Hereford cows, 395-523kg, sold over a range of $1.41/kg to $1.52/kg.