19 July 2019

Wellsford store cattle sale 15.07

  • All R3 beef-dairy steers, 499-576kg, lifted to $2.93-$2.95/kg

  • Most R2 beef-dairy heifers, 282-373kg, earned $2.61-$2.87/kg

  • R1 beef-cross and exotic-cross steers, 195-276kg, improved to $705-$870

  • R1 beef-dairy heifers, 164-237kg, lifted to $520-$700

  • R1 beef-dairy bulls, 143-266kg, traded at $540-$650

A strong cattle sale was held at Wellsford last Monday, with mild winter conditions keeping buyers enthusiastic. Most R2 beef-dairy and dairy steers, 397-445kg, traded at $2.76-$2.91/kg.

R1 Angus-Friesian steers, 152-270kg, lifted to $600-$670, with Charolais-Friesian and Hereford-Friesian, 195-227kg, improving to $720-$770. Hereford-beef heifers, 203-215kg, were solid at $625-$660, while traditional, 138-233kg, traded at $400-$660.

Twelve R1 Friesian bulls, 285kg, sold well at $815, while Hereford bulls, 226kg, managed $660.

Autumn-born dairy-beef weaner heifers, 123-126kg, earned $455-$485, while bulls of the same breeding and 111-133kg varied from $480 to $630.

Mixed-age Hereford cows, with week old calves-at-foot, were picked up for $1200 per unit, with Hereford-Friesian and same age calves-at-foot earning a similar $1250.