16 October 2020

Feilding store sale 16.10

  • Two-year Angus steers, 485-520kg, made $3.15-$3.25/kg

  • Yearling Angus steers, 245-280kg, held at $3.25-$3.40/kg

  • Yearling Friesian bulls, 235-305kg, were $2.80-$3.00/kg

  • New season lambs averaged $113

  • Ewes with lambs-at-foot mostly made $84-$92.50 all counted

Another big cattle sale had variable success. The older steers were unchanged, in the low $3/kg’s for straight beef lines, but around $2.50-$2.70/kg for mixed-marked dairy-beef lines. Two-year bulls eased, with 400-475kg making $2.55-$2.65/kg. Traditional heifers, 380-415kg, sold for $2.85-$2.95/kg. Yearling steers struggled outside of some better-quality traditional pens. Clean-marked Hereford-Friesian, 295-340kg, were $2.65-$2.75/kg, matching mixed-quality beef types and various weights. The lighter yearling bulls did well, but 365-410kg lines were held back at $2.55-$2.60/kg. A pen of 285kg Angus heifers sold for $955, $3.35/kg.

Two consignments of new season lambs sold well, ranging from $123.50-$126 for top cuts with the rest $93-$113.50. An even line-up of medium hoggets sold consistently afterwards. These were usually $120-$132, with the remainder mostly $95-$114. A good-sized showing of ewes with lambs-at-foot mostly contained medium ewes with mid-sized terminal-cross lambs, which centred on $90 all counted. Lines with smaller or mixed-bred lambs were $61-$82 all counted.

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