7 August 2020

Feilding store sale 7.08

  • R1 traditional steers, 175-250kg, were $3.95-$4.25/kg

  • January-born R2 Charolais heifers, 360kg, made $3.10/kg

  • Good ewes with lamb-at-foot made $116-$120 all counted

  • Male lamb average held at $140

  • Ewe lamb average eased to $124

A little over 1300 store cattle had a solid sale. R2 and R3 steers were a stronger account for quality, with 410kg plus traditional lines mainly making $3.15-$3.35/kg, whereas dairy-beef types were mainly $2.85-$3.05/kg above 350kg. R2 Friesian bulls, 500-575kg, held at $3.05-$3.15/kg. R2 heifers were stronger as 310-430kg dairy-beef lines were $2.75-$2.90/kg, with another 20c/kg paid for straight-beef types. A lot of 170-240kg traditional steers and heifers sold, the steers mostly $4.05-$4.25/kg and the heifers $3.35-$3.60/kg. A good-sized line of 205kg Friesian bulls made $3.30/kg.

A yarding of 10,000 store lambs mostly sold to similar levels as the week before. Two male lamb lines went up to $160, however more standard good lines were $145-$155, mediums $130-$140, while the rest bar the tail-enders made $110-$125. Ewe lambs peaked at $151-$156, but other good lines were mainly at $135-$145, mediums $120-$130 and the rest mostly $105-$115. Eight small lines of ewes with lambs-at-foot were mainly passed in, but 550 3-4-year Romney ewes, SIL twins, were taken up to $248-$250.