11 June 2021

Feilding store sale 11.06

  • R3 traditional steers, 525-610kg, jumped to $3.10-$3.20/kg

  • R2 straight-beef heifers, 410-430kg, firmed to $2.75-$2.85/kg

  • Store male lamb average lifted to $151.50

  • Store ewe lamb average lifted to $135.50

  • Good-quality four-year Romney ewes, SIL twins, were $236-$242

A little under 800 store cattle met a stronger market at Feilding. R3 dairy-cross steers, 560-590kg, were $2.80-$2.85/kg, while 385-550kg traditional R2 steers were $2.90-$2.95/kg. Most R2 dairy-cross steers were $2.75-$2.85/kg. A line-up of 290-490kg Angus bulls and rigs were $2.65-$2.70/kg. Some 465kg R2 Hereford-Friesian heifers made $2.70/kg. R1 Hereford-Friesian steers, 165-215kg, sold for $3.05-$3.30/kg, $550-$660.

It was a better sale for the 13,000 store lambs. The heaviest males were $165-$170, but good lines were consistently $150-$160. Medium males made $140-$145, with the lights mainly $125-$130. The heavier ewe lambs were mainly $145-$160, with good lines usually $135-$140, mediums $125-$130, and the lightest end $110-$120. Quality four-year Romney ewes, SIL twins, made $236-$242, with the singles off the same property $194.

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