22 May 2020

Feilding sale 22.05

  • R3 Angus steers, 470-635kg, were $2.68-$2.77/kg

  • R2 exotic steers, 465-530kg, made $2.51-$2.53/kg

  • Four to five-year Romney ewes, SIL 153%, made $165

  • Male lamb average lifted to $120

  • Ewe lamb average lifted to $105.50

Around 400 store cattle at Feilding enjoyed a fair solid sale. Some prime R3 Angus steers began the sale very strong, making up to $2.77/kg. Several lines of clean-marked R2 Hereford-Friesian steers were $2.19-$2.32/kg. A variety of mixed bred beef-cross R2 bulls, 330-460kg, made $2.15-$2.25/kg. Almost all heifers were dairy-cross with $2.04-$2.10/kg the usual rate paid, though two pens of better-quality Hereford-Friesian were above the rest at $2.32-$2.40/kg.

The sheep yards had 13,000 lambs in, but there just wasn’t enough to go around. Male lambs began on a strong note, and if anything the sale improved as the auction moved into the deeper cuts. Top-cuts of males were $134-$141.50, other good lines $120-$130.50, while mediums were at $102-$113.50 and the lighter pens $71-$87. On the ewe lambs, the cream of the crop made $120-$127.50, moving to $110-$120 on other good lines, whereas mediums were $99-$108.50 and the rest mostly $74-$87.

Medium run-with-ram ewes were $112-$137.