17 May 2019

Feilding in-calf cow and heifer fair 9.05

  • Vetted-in-calf mixed-age Angus cows, 505-570kg, were all $1080-$1220

  • Vetted-in-calf mixed-age exotic cows, 580-650kg, made $1250-$1300

  • Vetted-in-calf 3-5yr traditional cows, 495-585kg, achieved $1120-$1210

  • Vetted-in-calf traditional R3 heifers, 445-500kg, mainly sold at $1250-$1280

  • Vetted-in-calf traditional R2 heifers, 380-390kg, sold for $1190-$1210

A yarding of 884 in-calf cows and heifers at Feilding was similar in tally to a year ago, though numbers were bolstered due to a few farm sales in the region. Action began slowly wa quarter of the heifer pens were passed in. R3 heifers, 375-530kg, of all breeds made $2.63-$2.74/kg, while the few 380-390kg R2 traditional heifers from one property all went for $3.05-$3.17/kg.

There was a two-tiered market on the cows. The better-half were at $2.15-$2.26/kg, while the remainder were usually $1.98-$2.09/kg – this applied to traditional and exotic breeds at all weights. Three pens of 515-615kg traditional cows were a step above the rest, however, at $2.31-$2.37/kg, or $1380-$1420 for the two heaviest pens.