24 January 2020

Feilding store sale 24.01

  • Traditional two-year steers, 505-590kg, were $2.92-$2.99/kg

  • Straight beef cows with calves-at-foot made $1970-$2020

  • Good Hereford-Friesian heifers, 380-390kg, sold for $2.84-$2.86/kg

  • Average store lamb made $98.50

  • Good male lambs were $111-$123

It was a small sale all-round at Feilding. A little more than 400 cattle were yarded and sold to a mostly steady market. R2 traditional and exotic steers, 340-425kg, were consistently $3.00-$3.09/kg. The bulk of the R2 heifers were red or brindle Hereford-cross lines, 310-375kg, all making $2.48-$2.59/kg. Two lines of 430-455kg Friesian bulls met limited interest, only one pen selling for $2.47/kg.

Only 3300 store lambs came in and sold to a steady or occasionally firmer market when quality was taken into account. The sale opened with a number of good male and terminal mix-sex lambs at $111-$123, while three good-sized pens of medium-to-good ewe lambs closely followed at $86.50-$111. Other lambs were mainly short on either numbers or weights, with a number of bottom-end cuts at $56.50-$65 and the step above these making $76-$83.