16 April 2021

Feilding store sale 16.04

  • R3 traditional steers, 520-605kg, were mainly $2.80/kg

  • R2 beef-Friesian steers, 330-440kg, mostly made $2.50-$2.55/kg

  • Weaner Friesian bulls, 145-165kg, sold for $2.85-$3.00/kg

  • Store male lambs averaged $130

  • Store ewe lambs averaged $116.50

A little over 1100 store cattle were sold at Feilding. R3 Hereford-Friesian steers, 490-575kg, made $2.45-$2.55/kg while R2 traditional steers, 430-480kg, were $2.75-$2.85/kg. R2 heifers, 340-460kg, traded at $2.40-$2.50/kg if they were relatively tidy. Two big lines of 150-160kg Angus-Friesian steers made $450-$515, while some 195kg weaner Hereford-Friesian heifers were bought for $520.

At little over 16,000 store lambs were yarded. Heavy male lambs traded around $140-$145, with good lines mainly $130-$140, mediums $120-$130 and the lights $105-$115. Top ewe lambs were making $130-$140, good types $120-$125, mediums $110-$120, and $90-$105 for the lighter-end.

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