21 February 2020

Feilding store sale 21.02

  • VIC traditional cows with calves at foot maxed out at $1210

  • R2 Angus steers, 395-505kg, were $2.55-$2.63/kg

  • R2 traditional heifers, 435-465kg, were $2.36-$2.51/kg

  • Good male lambs were $95-$115

  • Medium and good ewe lambs were mainly $75-$90

A yarding of 450 cattle mainly eased another step, though quality was mixed at times. Very forward traditional R3 steers, 570-675kg, went for $2.56-$2.64/kg, with R2 Angus steers at a similar level. Mixed dairy-cross type steers, 305-415kg, were mainly $2.20-$2.38/kg. One small line of 420kg Hereford bulls made $3.13/kg, $1320. Heifers prices were low but mainly reflected the offering – 340-350kg Friesian heifers were $560-$600 and 275-330kg autumn-born traditional heifers made $545-$730 or $1.98-$2.21/kg.

Eight thousand store lambs mainly sold on a firming market. The bulk of the male lambs were sold in two cuts, the better types mainly $95-$105 and the rest rarely going below $85. The lightest ewe lambs began at $60 and rose from there, with only two good cuts above $90. Medium mixed sex lines were $75-$90, whereas a few light pens were $50-$60.