11 March 2020

Rongotea cattle sale 11.03

  • Friesian boner cows, 528kg, made $1.36/kg and crossbred cows, 425kg, $1.28/kg

  • R3 Friesian bulls, 425kg, traded at $1.91/kg

  • Autumn-born R2 beef-cross steers, 310kg, fetched $1.65/kg

  • Autumn-born R2 Friesian bulls, 255kg, sold for $1.81/kg

There was a good yarding of autumn-born calves at Rongotea last Wednesday, New Zealand Farmers Livestock agent Darryl Harwood reported. These were met by a good bench of buyers and big Friesian bulls sold in a range of $85-$120, Hereford-Friesian bulls, $230-$315, and Charolais-cross at $250. Hereford-Friesian heifer calves made $130-$150, Angus-cross at $105-$155 and Charolais-cross, $205. In the weaner pens, Friesian bulls, 121kg, traded at $350, and Hereford-Friesian, 125kg, were bought for $610, while weaner Hereford-Friesian heifers, 122-130kg, sold in a range of $340-$475.