Hawkes Bay

13 January 2021

Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep 13.01

  • Yearling Angus heifers, 313kg, managed $2.78/kg

  • Two-year Friesian bulls, 546kg, eased to $2.39/kg

  • Weaner Simmental-Friesian heifers, 104-107kg, returned $410-$460

  • Medium-good male lambs traded at $98.50-$110

Cattle throughput lifted to 217 head at Stortford Lodge last Wednesday. Heifers made up the majority and most 15 to 18-month heifers were traditional and exotic bred. A lighter pen of Hereford beef-cross, 235kg, took top honours at $2.93/kg.  A consignment of Exotic-cross heifers, 282-306kg, sold at a softer $2.73-$2.79/kg. Weaner Friesian bulls, 118kg-162kg, realised $385-$455. Close to 45% of sheep offering were medium-good lambs and mixed-sex earned $98-$104. The first pen of 281 shorn ram lambs fetched the top price for the day at $114.50, with smaller males generally $84-$89 and similar ewe lambs, $71.50-$88. Mixed-sex lambs traded at $98-$104. Read more in your LivestockEye.