Hawkes Bay

19 July 2019

Stortford Lodge prime cattle and sheep 15.07

  • Angus steers, 574kg, held at $3.11/kg

  • Angus-cross cows, 664kg, lifted to $2.45/kg

  • Very heavy male lambs held at $157.50-$189

  • Very heavy ewe lambs earned $162-$190

  • Very heavy mixed-age ewes improved to $182-$187

Quality was high in the cattle section of last Monday’s prime sale at Stortford Lodge, and Angus and Angus-Hereford steers, 589kg, held at $3.08/kg.

Lamb throughput lifted to 600 and continued to sell to strong demand. Top ram and male lambs both improved to $203.50-$220, as did heavy types up to $159.50-$167.50. Mixed sex lambs softened with the top end earning $168-$190.50, and medium, $132-$136, while good to heavy ewe lambs traded at $139-$153.

A mixed quality ewe yarding sold to strong demand. Heavy mixed-age ewes lifted to $149-$169, with very-good and medium-good types easing to $131-$143. Medium ewes improved to $121-$129, as did light to light-medium up to $80-$119.