Hawkes Bay

16 September 2020

Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep sale 16.09

  • Two-year beef-cross bulls, 493-499kg, held value at $3.18/kg

  • Quality 2-year Hereford-Friesian heifers, 392-440kg, sold well at $2.80-$2.86/kg

  • 18-month beef-cross bulls, 432kg, returned $3.13/kg

  • Capital stock Perendale ewe lambs sold for breeding at $154

In a yarding of 304 cattle, 195 were part of special entries found in the 2-year pens at Stortford Lodge last Wednesday. Two-year Friesian steers, 466-497kg, sold well at $2.51-$2.55/kg, while red Hereford-Friesian heifers, 433kg, were discounted to $2.69/kg. The yearling market was harder and 206-228kg Friesian bulls made $2.63-$2.67/kg, while Angus-cross heifers, 121-173kg, traded at $310-$430.
The ewes with lambs-at-foot market was split into lines with older but fewer lambs at $97-$115 all counted, and younger multiple lambs at $75-$78. Store lamb volume dropped to 1700 head and good ewe lambs held at $136-$141. Read more in your LivestockEye.