Hawkes Bay

23 May 2020

Stortford Lodge prime cattle and sheep 23.03

  • Very-heavy ewes improved to $125.50-$135.50

  • Very-good ewes softened to $87.50-$94.50

  • Top mixed-sex lambs eased to $135-$154

  • Heavy mixed-sex lambs also eased to $107-$114

  • Hereford-Friesian heifers, 539-575kg, softened to $2.20-$2.23/kg

Just under 950 sheep were penned at Stortford Lodge last Monday, with almost an even split of lambs and ewes. The top end traded at steady to improved levels, and some heavy ewes lifted to $121.50, while the balance was mainly steady at $111-$117. Good types came back to $80.50-$85, with medium at $70.50-$76.

In the lamb section a small very-heavy top end comprised 19 cryptorchid and managed $174. Good types eased to $107-$114 while ewe lambs held value and heavy lines earned $136-$159.

Cattle throughput lowered with just 65 penned and cows made up over 50% of that tally. A small gallery of buyers and agent orders meant all found new homes, though most traded on a softer market. Five Angus steers, 504kg, eased to $2.40/kg, as did a consignment of Angus cows, 537-608kg, back to $1.52-$1.60/kg.