Hawkes Bay

6 July 2020

Stortford Lodge prime cattle and sheep 6.07

  • Angus cows, 540-595kg, returned $1.95-$2.04/kg

  • Angus steers, 547-555kg, eased to $3.01-$3.07/kg

  • Top male lambs were solid at $170.50

  • Very-heavy mixed age ewes held at $140

Prime cattle throughput increased at Stortford Lodge last Monday. Vetted-in-calf Angus cows, 624kg, traded at $2.05/kg, while Angus steers, 496kg, fetched $3.19/kg.

A much smaller sheep offering was penned. Very-heavy mixed-sex lambs were steady at $155-$165 and heavy lambs also held at $136.50-$143.50. Top ewe lambs eased to $156, while five good types improved to $125.50.

Sixteen very-heavy two-four tooth ewes took top honours in their section at $144.50, while very-good types managed $127.50-$136. Medium to good ewes held at $100-$118, with the tail end steady at $76.50. Read more in your LivestockEye.