Hawkes Bay

28 April 2021

Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep sale 28.04.2021

  • Weaner South Devon-cross steers, 211-251kg, sold for $680-$800, $3.18-$3.22/kg

  • Weaner South Devon-cross heifers, 200-237kg, returned $520-$600, $2.53-$2.60/kg

  • Top pens of Romney and Romney-cross breeding ewes made $160-$162

  • Good to heavy male lambs held at $124-$134

  • Medium ewe lambs came back to $90-$106

Dry conditions limited buyer interest at Stortford Lodge on Wednesday and the type of stock offered did not tick the right boxes for many. A small cattle sale was mainly from the Chatham Islands and the pick was 12 R2 Hereford-beef steers, 331kg, at $2.57/kg. R2 beef-cross heifers sold for $1.97-$2.14/kg. Overall the lamb market softened though short-term lambs held. Medium males came back to $98-$115, though two pens of heavy mixed-sex sold well at $136.50-$140. Read more in your LivestockEye.