Hawkes Bay

19 February 2020

Stortford Lodge store sheep sale 19.02

  • Store lamb market came back $14 on average

  • Top male lambs varied from $79 to $93.50 for most

  • Medium ewe lambs made $54-$70

  • Light ewe lambs traded at $36-$45

  • Capital stock 6-tooth Perendale ewes returned $130-$137.50

Store lamb volume grew to 5500 at Stortford Lodge last Wednesday, as farmers offload due to extreme dry conditions and the need to look after ewe flocks. A small but widespread buying bench was in place, but sellers had to meet a reduced market. Just two lines exceeded $100; 140 ewe lambs at $106 and 53 cryptorchid at $116. A small mixed-sex section varied from $30 up to $70.
No store cattle were yarded.