Hawkes Bay

27 January 2020

Stortford Lodge prime cattle and sheep 27.01

  • Heavy mixed-age ewes eased to $116-$120

  • Good ewes softened to $77-$90

  • Heavy two-tooth ewes traded at $120

  • Very heavy mixed-sex lambs were well sought after at $154-$179

  • Heavy mixed-sex lambs held at $133.50-$144

Ewe throughput more than halved last Monday at Stortford Lodge, and lamb numbers were still very low at 110.

Limited buyer interest meant most ewes traded on a softer market. Top end mixed-age held at $147-$150, though the balance of very heavy types eased to $130, as did light to light-medium, $50-$69.

Demand was solid for lambs and good types returned $125.50-$136. Six very heavy ram lambs sold well at $183.50.

There were no cattle offered.