Hawkes Bay

24 February 2021

Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep 24.02

  • A line of 35 R3 Angus and Angus-cross steers sold for $1320, $2.68/kg

  • Fifteen R2 Angus steers, 380kg, fetched $2.82/kg

  • Good wether lambs sold for $89.50-$94

  • Good ewe lambs made $87-$93.50

Cattle tallied up to just 140 at Stortford Lodge last Wednesday, though featured some good lines of traditional cattle. R2 Angus heifers, 331-400kg, were consistent at $2.40-$2.43/kg while two lines of Hereford-dairy, 242-251kg, varied significantly from $2.19/kg to $2.36/kg. R3 heifers of the same breed and 473-496kg returned $2.24-$2.30/kg. Store lamb tallies lifted to just over 2000, though that was nearly half the total volume for February. Good ram lambs were few but sold well at $99-$109.50 while medium wethers returned $85-$91. Read more in your LivestockEye