Hawkes Bay

4 December 2019

Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep 4.12

  • Two-year South Devon-cross steers, 504kg, made $3.17/kg and heifers, 464kg, $3.03/kg

  • Yearling exotic-cross and traditional heifers, 348-406kg, firmed to $3.20-$3.22/kg

  • Good cryptorchid lambs held at $106-$127

  • Medium mixed-sex lambs came back to $84-$105

  • Very light lambs made $41-$67

Lamb volume increased to nearly 6000 head at Stortford Lodge last Wednesday and combined with a drop in demand prices came back. Ram lambs sold in two clear cuts at $78-$93 and $101-$104.

Four vendors made up the bulk of the 360 head cattle sale. Yearling Friesian bulls averaged 370kg and $3.09/kg. A consignment of Hereford-Friesian weaners featured and a pen of 99kg bulls made $580 while all other lines - bulls or heifers - sold for $450-$485, including 25 Friesian bulls.