17 February 2020

Tuakau sales 17.02

  • Hereford-Friesian steers, 420-431kg, fetched $2.65-$2.70/kg

  • Prime steers, 650kg, made $2.35/kg

  • Well-conditioned Friesian cows lifted to $1.30-$1.45/kg

  • Good prime lambs fetched up to $136

  • Store lambs traded at $50-$80

With dry weather continuing, Tuakau drew a very small yarding of store cattle last week, PGG Wrightson agent Chris Elliott reported.  

Red-bodied whiteface steers, 560kg, made $2.40/kg. All 425-440kg heifers earned $2.42-$2.43/kg. Weaner heifers, 130-135kg, made $420-$440.

Boner prices lifted by around 20c/kg on Wednesday, with top cows making $1.30-$1.45/kg and good-medium, $1.15-$1.30/kg. Prime steers ranged from $2.20/kg to $2.35/kg and most heifers traded at $2.20-$2.44/kg.

About 700 ewes and lambs were yarded on Monday. Medium prime lambs made $110-$120 and lighter primes sold down to $90. Top prime ewes fetched $125, medium $80-$90, and light $40-$50.