3 May 2019

Tuakau sales 29.04, 30.04, 1.05, 2.05

  • Prime beef steers, 600-750kg, traded at $2.70-$2.80/kg

  • Top prime lambs made $204

  • Heavy ewes earned $130-$160

  • Hereford-Friesian feeder bulls sold to $320

Tuakau’s store cattle market was patchy last Thursday, reflecting tough feed conditions, Craig Chamberlain of Carrfields Livestock reported.

Friesian-cross steers, 500-600kg, earned $2.35-$2.44/kg, and R2 beef steers, 330-430kg, $2.45-$2.85/kg. Hereford-cross and Angus heifers, 420-500kg, made $2.40-$2.55/kg and autumn-born yearlings, 250-320kg, $2.20-$2.70/kg.

Prime heifers, 440-480kg, fetched $2.50-$2.63/kg last Wednesday, and 450 cows sold on a softer market. Beef cows returned $1.70-$1.85/kg and Friesian, 500-600kg, $1.50-$1.70/kg. Medium cows made $1.35-$1.50/kg.   

Good-medium prime lambs fetched $140-$150, and light $115-$135. Medium prime ewes made $100-$140, and light $60-$100.