11 February 2021

Tuakau sales 11.02

  • Murray Grey steers, 470kg, made $2.51/kg

  • Prime Charolais-cross heifers, 574kg, reached $2.60/kg

  • Heavy ewes sold up to $180

Tuakau drew a small yarding of 250 store cattle last week, Carrfields Livestock agent Karl Chitham reported.  Angus-cross steers, 407kg, made $2.55/kg with 366kg Friesian at $2.34/kg and 258kg Hereford-Friesian, $745. Friesian bulls, 414kg, traded at $870 and weaner Friesian bulls, 137kg, $340. Heifers included 400kg Hereford-Friesian, which made $2.45/kg and 378kg Hereford-Friesian, $2.55/kg. Medium-heavy prime steers traded at $2.50-$2.60/kg on Wednesday. Most heavy heifers returned $2.50-$2.56/kg and Medium, 400-460kg, $2.40-$2.50/kg. Good Friesian cows, 500kg-plus, earned $1.45/kg to $1.70/kg.

Prime lambs sold up to $148 on Tuesday, with the balance at $124-$135. Forward stores returned $71-$77 and light $50-$63. Ewes sold strongly with tops at $180 and medium-good $120-$150.