3 December 2020

Tuakau sales 3.12

  • Hereford-Friesian steers, 575kg, made $2.64/kg

  • Prime steers sold up to $2.74/kg

  • Well-conditioned Friesian cows, 600kg, earned $2.04/kg

  • Top prime lambs reached $164

Around 1300 store cattle were presented at Tuakau last Thursday, Carrfields Livestock agent Karl Chitham reported.

Hereford-Friesian steers, 440kg, made $2.70/kg, and most 300-400kg realised $960-$1010 and 236kg, $770. In the heifer section, 462kg Hereford-Friesian returned $2.60/kg and 300-400kg, $820-$1050.

Prime steer and heifer prices eased by up to 20c/kg last Wednesday. Steers at 550-670kg traded at $2.55/kg to $2.74/kg and heifers, 440-570kg, $2.47-$2.61/kg.  The boner market also softened, and light-medium cows ranged from $1.20/kg to $1.72/kg.

Heavy prime lambs realised $145-$164 on Monday and light-medium, $124-$137.