20 May 2020

Tuakau sales 20.05

  • Hereford-Friesian steers, 427kg, made $2.43/kg, $1040

  • Prime heifers sold to $2.59/kg

  • Heavy beef cows, 710kg, fetched $1.79/kg

  • Good shorn wether lambs, 34kg, sold well at $102

Tuakau sale yards offered around 700 cattle at last Thursday’s store sale, Carrfields Livestock agent Karl Chitham reported.

Quality was mixed, and lighter stock were harder to shift. Good Hereford-Friesian steers, 313kg, made $795, with 177kg Hereford-Friesian earning $545. Hereford-Friesian heifers, 355kg, fetched $806 and red Hereford-Friesian, 319kg, $692.

Prime steers, 630-710kg, returned $2.47/kg to $2.58/kg on Wednesday, with 520-580kg at $2.46-$2.53/kg. Beef heifers, 570-630kg, managed $2.52-$2.59/kg and 450-520kg, $2.28/kg to $2.45/kg. Medium boner cows earned $1.47-$1.54/kg, with light selling down to $0.90/kg.

Heavy prime ewes fetched $117-$134 on Monday. Medium returned $105-$121 and light, $66-$87. Prime lambs ranged from $72 to $150 and light-medium stores made $68-$90.