20 January 2020

Tuakau sales 21.01

  • Hereford-Friesian steers, 503kg, made $2.71/kg

  • Good prime heifers sold to $2.76/kg

  • Heavy Friesian cows traded at $1.94-$2.04/kg

  • Top prime ewes fetched $220

Tuakau drew a small yarding of store cattle last Thursday, Carrfields agent Karl Chitham reported.

Good Hereford-Friesian steers, 430kg, made $1145, $2.66/kg, with 180kg lines fetching $695 and 100kg, $485. Quality was patchy in the heifer section, but Hereford-Friesian, 333kg, returned $845, and 117kg, $425.

Heavy prime steers sold at $2.72/kg to $2.85/kg last Wednesday. Heifer prices eased by 5c/kg, with heavier types earning $2.72-$2.76/kg. Medium Friesian cows returned $1.56-$1.64/kg and lighter boners, $1.21/kg to $1.34/kg.

Top prime lambs fetched $166 on Monday, with good-mediums making $143-$155, and lighter primes, $107-$129. Store lambs in forward order returned $84-$102, and medium-good ewes, $145-$167, with lighter ewes at $62-$95.