3 September 2020

Tuakau sales 3.09

  • Hereford-Friesian steers, 478kg, made $3.13/kg

  • Autumn-born steers, 128-131kg, sold strongly at $650-$655

  • Prime Charolais heifers, 625kg, realised $3.06/kg

  • Heavy prime lambs returned $150-$212

Around 725 store cattle sold on a strong market at Tuakau last Thursday, PGG Wrightson agent Chris Elliott reported.

Steers, 300-495kg, earned $2.70/kg to $3.25/kg, dependant on breed and condition. Yearling steers, 280kg, returned $940. Friesian bulls, 374kg, fetched $2.78-$2.85/kg.

Heifers, 300-500kg, traded at $2.70/kg to $3.05/kg. Good Hereford-Friesian yearlings, 175-246kg, managed $650-$775 and 110kg, $450.

Steers eased around 5c/kg on Wednesday, with heavier types making $2.90/kg to $3.08/kg and medium, $2.78-$2.90/kg. Good exotic heifers, 543-625kg, earned $3.05-$3.06/kg, with other heavy types at $2.88-$2.98/kg. Well-conditioned Friesian cows managed $2.00/kg to $2.37/kg, lighter cows sold down to $1.55/kg. Jersey service bulls, 483kg, realised $3.31/kg.

Medium prime lambs made $130-$148 on Monday, with good stores at $110-$130 and light-medium, $70-$105. Heavy ewes fetched $120-$158.