19 July 2019

Tuakau sale 18.07

  • Heavy store steers sold up to $1300

  • Prime beef cows made $2.30-$2.56/kg

  • Heavy prime ewes returned $165-$190

Prices for a small yarding of store cattle firmed at Tuakau last Thursday, PGG Wrightson agent Craig Reiche reported.

Hereford-Friesian steers, 413kg, made $3.14/kg and 370kg Angus earned $3.13/kg. In the weaner section, Hereford-Friesian, 300kg, fetched $890, with 196kg Hereford-Friesian and 199kg Angus making $745. Hereford-Friesian heifers, 422-493kg, sold at $2.96-$3.06/kg and 301kg Hereford-Friesian earned $890. Weaner heifers, 187-243kg, returned $670-$790.

Last Wednesday’s prime cattle market was strong, with most heavy steers trading at $2.95-$3.12/kg and medium, $2.85-$2.90/kg. The best of the heifers made $3.00-$3.02/kg, with medium types selling at $2.80-$2.90/kg. Most boners earned $1.71-$2.34/kg and heavy bulls, $3.00-$3.02/kg.

Good-medium prime lambs sold at $160-$193 on Monday, and the bulk of the store lambs made $100-$135.