5 December 2019

Tuakau sales 2-5.12

  • Good 370kg Angus heifers fetched $3.09/kg

  • Friesian bulls, 505kg, sold well at $3.25/kg

  • Prime steers traded up to $3.26/kg.

  • Charolais heifers, 535kg, made $3.17/kg

About 650 store cattle were yarded at Tuakau last Thursday and the market firmed, PGG Wrightson agent Chris Elliott reported.

Most 350-550kg steers traded at $2.80-$3.20/kg, though top Hereford-Friesian made $3.70/kg.  Lighter 200-300kg steers ranged from $3.00/kg to $3.50/kg. Off-coloured weaners, 160-180kg, fetched $650-$700. Heifers, 450-510kg, earned $2.94-$3.00/kg and most 350-450kg made $2.70-$3.00/kg. Weaner heifers, 160-180kg, returned $665-$720.

Heavy-medium beef steers averaged a softer $3.16/kg and heifers, $2.98/kg last Wednesday. Well-conditioned boner cows sold up to $2.60/kg. Heavy beef bulls fetched $3.30-$3.68/kg, and Friesians, $3.20-$3.62/kg.

About 3800 ewes and lambs were presented on Monday. Prime lambs averaged $165, trading up to $248, and heavy stores $110-$141. Heavy ewes made $150-$240, and medium, $100-$150.