27 April 2021

Tuakau sales 27.04, 28.04, 29.04.2021

  • Hereford-Friesian steers, 121kg, made $600

  • Prime Charolais steers, 750kg, reached $2.74/kg

  • Top prime lambs fetched $157

Tuakau drew a small yarding of store cattle on Thursday, Carrfields agent Karl Chitham reported. Prices for heavy steers firmed slightly with most 400kg-plus making $2.60-$2.65/kg while 300-400kg returned $2.40/kg to $2.60/kg. In the heifer section most 350-400kg managed $2.20-$2.35/kg with 260-300kg Hereford-Friesian at $2.40/kg to $2.65/kg. Numbers were light at Wednesday’s prime sale. Heavy steers, 600-750kg, traded at $2.64-$2.74/kg and 582kg Friesian, $2.33/kg. Prime heifers, 440-600kg, returned $2.62-$2.74/kg, while Friesian cows, 516-640kg, made $1.77-$1.84/kg and medium boners, 430-470kg, $1.55-$1.67/kg. Lighter cows, 380-420kg, fetched $1.32-$1.45/kg. Medium-good prime lambs sold at $128-$143 on Tuesday and lighter primes earned $112-$125. Medium prime ewes returned $142-$158, with lighter ewes selling down to $60.