17 May 2019

Canterbury Park 14.05

  • Heavy prime lambs strengthened to $150-$192

  • Heavy store lambs earned $115-$141

  • Prime traditional and Angus-cross steers sold for $2.60-$2.70/kg

  • Boner heifers, 385-463, lifted to $2.36-$2.41/kg

  • Top quality R2 Angus steers, 302-376kg, sold for $2.87-$2.99/kg

Last week’s Canterbury Park sale had big numbers in both sheep and cattle pens. Competition lifted for heavy prime lambs, while most typically made $130-$150. Heavy prime ewes held at $150-$180. Store lambs generally lifted due to better quality, a large proportion was medium mixed sex and these made $90-$116. There was plenty of prime cattle on offer, processor space is tight for prime, meanwhile, manufacturing cow is in demand which was reflected in prices. The flood of dairy-beef store cattle was evident in the market, while demand is still strong for traditional cattle.