15 October 2020

Coalgate cattle and sheep 15.10

  • Two-year Charolais-cross steers, 364-460kg, sold well at $2.46-$2.50/kg

  • Two-year Charolais-cross heifers, 328-400kg, pushed further to $2.53-$2.60/kg

  • Prime Limousin bulls, 700-703kg, made $2.96-$2.98/kg

  • Prime Angus steers, 627kg, fetched $2.70/kg

  • Top prime new season lambs made $144-$167 with a second cut $125-$130

It was snowing at Coalgate before the auction started last Thursday. Charolais-cross dominated the two-year section with most of the balance Hereford-Friesian steers, 400-459kg, $2.18-$2.17/kg. Most yearling steers were 191-221kg Hereford-Friesian that earned $2.98-$3.08/kg. Angus, 266kg, made $2.52/kg, but Angus-cross of similar weight were $1.92-$1.99/kg. Prime steers and heifers over 500kg returned $2.50-$2.61/kg. Friesian and crossbred heifers, 430-446kg, mostly made $2.18-$2.26/kg. In the sheep section the best prime hoggets earned $201-$211 and heavy $170-$197. Most of the remainder were $127-$169. The ewe market had a good week as the top 10% earned $206-$269 and the remainder $130 to $182. Good lines of new season lambs were included in the store pens and the majority made $83-$110. Read more in your LivestockEye.