16 April 2021

Culverden third calf sale 16.04

  • Top Angus steers, 230-240kg, sold for $750-$780

  • 25 Hereford bulls, 263kg, sold well at $880, $3.35/kg

Culverden calf sales passed the halfway mark last Friday and offered up just over 770 calves. It was very much a traditional affair and largely black and white, though a few lines of Hereford broke up the colouring. Heavier steers sold at similar values to the previous week, though the lighter end came back around 25c/kg. Angus-Hereford steers, 220-260kg, were the pick and sold for $730-$830, $3.18-$3.33/kg. Most lines 210kg and below fell short of $3.00/kg, except for Angus, 190kg, at $575-$585, $3.04-$3.06/kg. Hereford, 165-195kg, sold for $460-$540, $2.77-$2.78/kg. The heifer market was harder work and very few lines exceeded $500 and the majority made $320-$470.