12 September 2019

Coalgate store and prime cattle; all sheep 12.09

  • Prime steers, 550-630kg, made $3.11/kg

  • Prime heifers, 480-525kg, rose 22c/kg to $3.14/kg

  • One-year Hereford-Friesian steers, 205-239kg, were $3.10-$3.14/kg

  • One year Hereford-Friesian heifers, 208-236kg, made $2.86-$2.93/kg

  • 21 ewes with 25 lambs-at-foot sold for $130 all counted

A new nationwide record price for prime lambs was achieved at Coalgate last Thursday, with seven ram lambs culled from a Poll Dorset stud reaching $286. Other very-heavy lambs made $210-$258, with heavy at $190-$209 and medium-good $180-$199.
Store lamb volume recovered to 775 and ex-Chatham ewe lambs made $160, and others $145-$153. Most of the male lines were $156, while mixed-sex lines were lower quality and the best fetched $130-$139.
No boner cattle presented in the prime pens, but store numbers increased to 95. One-year Shorthorn heifers, 260-341kg, made $2.35-$2.45/kg, and a pen of mixed-sex fetched $2.47/kg. Autumn-born beef-cross bulls, 233kg, made $620.