Bay of Plenty

13 April 2021

Rangiuru cattle and sheep 13.04

  • Prime Angus bulls, 750kg, traded at $2.89/kg

  • R2 Hereford-Friesian heifers, 406-488kg, fetched $2.52-$2.60/kg

  • R2 traditional heifers, 313-396kg, made $2.42-$2.52/kg

  • Autumn-born Hereford heifers, 294kg, sold well at $910

Prime steers and heifers at Rangiuru last Tuesday were practically all over 560kg and priced at $2.56-$2.66/kg regardless of breed. Medium-good Friesian cows, 498-512kg, managed $1.57/kg to $1.70/kg. R2 heifers were of good quality but steers were more varied and dairy-beef breeds, 293-402kg, mostly managed $2.41/kg to $2.56/kg.  A modest yarding of sheep sold to steady demand with prime lambs making $94-$136.50. Prime ewes sold across a range of $70-$157.50. Read more in your LivestockEye.