Sale Yard Results

26 March 2019

Culverden calf sale 22.03

  • Autumn-born Charolais-cross steers, 400kg, were $1330

  • Traditional steers, 215-245kg, made $790-$860

  • Traditional and exotic heifers, 215-230kg, earned $700-$720

  • Traditional heifers, 185-205kg, were $635-$650

Culverden offered up 500 calves on Friday 22nd March. Most were traditional steers and heifers, complimented by Charolais-cross lines. Regular buyers re-aligned their budgets, but calves sold to expectations.
Three buyers fought over heavy steers, 295-400kg, and they made $3.35-$3.55/kg. Lighter steers were similar, with 190-235kg at $3.40-$3.65/kg and 240-280kg, $3.30-$3.55/kg.
Heifers, 315-365kg, sold well at $2.90-$3.00/kg, though the majority were 230kg or lighter. Those 205-230kg were $3.15-$3.30/kg, and well-presented 160-195kg types made $3.30-$3.45/kg.
Two pens of 240-265kg Hereford bulls earned $1030-$1040, $3.90-$4.30/kg.