Sale Yard Results

17 May 2019

Stortford Lodge in-calf cow fair and store sheep 9.05

  • Top mixed-age Angus cows, VIC to an Angus bull, lifted to $1410-$1545, $2.53-$2.61/kg

  • Four-five year Angus cows, VIC to an Angus bull, returned $1620, $2.80/kg

  • All Hereford cows, VIC to a Hereford bull, traded at $705-$1190, $2.09-$2.38/kg

  • Medium to good cryptorchid lambs improved to $130.50-$140.50

  • Good to heavy ram and wether lambs held at $134-$144

It was a foggy start to the second In-Calf Cow Fair at Stortford Lodge but this did not deter a strong bench of buyers. Quality cows were abundant, including two strong contingents of capital stock traditional lines available due to the sale of two farms.

Mixed-age 600kg plus Angus cows, VIC an Angus bull, held at $2.14-$2.28/kg, with 460-535kg lifting to $2.27-$2.30/kg. Angus and Angus-Hereford cows, 552-624kg, to an Angus bull, had varied returns at $2.01-$2.28/kg, with the heavier end improving on last sale.

Vetted-in-calf R3 Hereford, 468kg, to a Hereford bull made a premium on their lighter 376-412kg, counterparts at $2.94/kg and $2.57/kg respectively. R3 Angus heifers to an Angus bull, returned $1655, $2.80/kg

R2 Angus heifers, run with an Angus bull, were well received at $1340, $2.97/kg. 

Out in the sheep section close to 8,500 lambs were penned. A good turn-out of buyers on the rails improved results on last sale.

The majority of mixed sex lambs were medium types and they held at $114.50-$122. Ewe lambs made up the lion’s share of the yarding and medium-to-good types were steady at $110-$131, with the lighter end lifting to $86-$114.