AgriHQ offers a range of analytical reports, data feeds, white-label and custom products and a growing range of tools and calculators such as the Farmgate Milk Price Calculator and NZ Milk Production Predictor. These corporate agri-sector reports help support agri businesses large and small both domestically in New Zealand and offshore. 

AgriHQ Global Dairy Snapshot

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The leading weekly report for dairy professionals provides weekly dairy commodity prices in NZD and USD for whole milk powder, skim milk powder, cheddar, butter, casein and anhydrous milkfat.

Exchange rate information is included, as well as comparisons and commentary on the market from our AgriHQ team.





AgriHQ Monthly Dairy

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 10.20.53 AMIt's the dairy report - An in depth monthly analysis on the key factors influencing the dairy industry, both internationally and within New Zealand.

Includes commentary on commodity prices, exchange rate movements, seasonal payout predictions, production data and guest commentary from an individual active in the dairy industry. 







AgriHQ Dairy Insight

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 9.53.10 AMAgriHQ Dairy Insight provides NZ dairy farmers with all the market information they need to be better informed as to what is influencing costs and returns in the industry.

For just $5 a week you can receive this valuable weekly report directly to your email every Wednesday. It brings together replacement stock and cull cow pricing, latest regional pasture growth information feed market trends around the country. It also outlines the drivers of commodity markets and what GDT auction results mean for your payout.






NZX Dairy Pasture Growth Index (PGI)

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 10.11.30 AMAn annual subscription gives you access to our online ‘AgData’ database and a weekly report updating you on the latest PGI information in easy to read graphs.

‘AgData’ is our online database where you will have access to historical PGI data (divided into 17 regions and national) dating back 1, 10, or 20 years depending on your subscription, as well as full historical data on futures daily settlement prices, NZ milk production, GDT prices and volumes.

The NZX Dairy PGI is best described as an index of potential pasture growth. The index is based on three inputs: rainfall, temperature and sunlight hours. The NZX Dairy PGI is an indicator of potential growth based on the three climatic factors rather than the measure of actual growth. The index has a positive relationship with national milk supply and is particularly valuable to Individuals or companies looking at New Zealand dairy land investments and companies directly interested in NZ dairy production.

 Benefits of a subscription to the PGI:

  • Accurate data on dairy pasture growth conditions in New Zealand
  • A two week forecast on potential dairy pasture growth
  • A depth of historical data on pasture growth
  • Access to historical agricultural data

If you would like to subscribe to a one month free trial, please email




Dairy Week

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 07 16 at 12.43.08 PM3Dairy Week is Australia and New Zealand's premier source of news for the dairy industry.

Dairy Week is designed to give busy people like you a fully independent and comprehensive insight into international dairy news and global dairy markets.

The bulletins, delivered direct to your email inbox, offer succinct, timely and authoritative abstracts on everything you need to know on the region each week.

We collect information from all sectors of the world media, filtering, tailoring and collating it into a clear and concise package, so you won't miss out on any new developments or the latest market data.  We filter all the information you don't need to read so you can get on with business.

The Dairy Week pdf is simple to navigate and as well as providing you with more than 50 news abstracts and links every week, it also packages up valuable data elements and delivers the most current industry reports from a variety of sources.






AgriHQ Grain & Feed Insight

profarmerAgriHQ Profarmer Grain & Feed NZ is New Zealand's only independent grain and feed report.  Use it as a practical tool to assist in making profitable decisions on your grain management.  

Delivered fortnightly by email, Profarmer is packed with commentary and analysis, providing easy to understand, independent information, covering local, Australian, and global markets.

Profarmer includes pricing information by region, and nationally, as well as import prices. Profarmer also monitor quantities of grain imported and exported in New Zealand.

25 issues per year, with special reports issued during major events.







AgriHQ Monthly Sheep and Beef

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 9.45.57 AMAgriHQ Monthly Sheep and Beef report showcases the market and provides analysis of what the underlying local and global factors are that influence the direction of supply and demand. 

This extensive document incorporates international prices, production, trade data and foreign exchange sourced directly from those working on the front line. There is exclusive, in-depth analysis and mapping of critical market trends as well as monitoring of key financial markets that delivers the reader a current and accurate wealth of knowledge.

Monthly PDF report, delivered in the first week of each month. 

  • Gain a real understanding of the current health of the sector
  • Be informed of latest international prices, production and trade statistics
  • Insightful analysis that makes sense of the markets






AgriHQ Forestry Market Report

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 8.38.47 AMIf you want a good place to start experiencing our forestry service, look no further.

The monthly Forestry Market Report provides in-depth coverage and analysis of New Zealand’s forestry markets. Domestic and export log markets and the drivers of price changes are covered in the 8 page monthly report, which also covers New Zealand’s major markets around the world for log, lumber panels and other exports.






AgriHQ Forestry Market Report + Log Price Report

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 9.03.39 AMAdd the Log Price Report to your Forestry Market Report for a more comprehensive view of what's happening in forestry markets.

The log price report has comprehensive coverage of New Zealand log prices. It covers ranges for eight domestic log grades and five export log grades. Prices are provided for eight regions around New Zealand in $/tonne and $/m³, as well as providing weighted averages. Indicative harvesting costs are also provided




AgriHQ Forestry Market Report + Log Price Indicator

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 9.06.05 AMAdd the Log Price Indicator to your Forestry Market Report for a greater depth of information.

The Log Price Indicator provides an overview of log price trends in New Zealand, the North Island and the South Island, condensed into a weighted average indicator for pruned, unpruned and pulp log types. It also contains a separate domestic and export indicator for ease of comparison between the two markets for New Zealand logs.




AgriHQ Log Price Database Update

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 8.40.34 AMThis is a monthly pdf file containing the current price in NZ$ per tonne of each of the eleven log grades for each of the four regions, each island and for New Zealand. The file also contains log prices for each island and New Zealand in $NZ/m3.








AgriHQ Market Report

SetWidth300 Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 10.04.29 AMComprehensive coverage of New Zealand’s agricultural markets summarised in an easy to read weekly document.

The Market Report covers pricing and trends for the sheep, beef, venison, dairy, grain, wool, and financial markets. Includes commentary on four industries every week.