AgriHQ Finisher - livestock trading margin calculator

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AgriHQ Finisher is a free tool will help you calculate trading margins for your livestock


AgriHQ Finisher is a joint partnership between AgriHQ and Heartland Bank. AgriHQ Finisher was developed with the intention of providing farmers with a tool that can help you calculate trading margin when buying store livestock.

We understand the financial risks from trading livestock can be difficult at times, particularly when store prices are high or there is uncertainty about the schedule. Finisher will enable you to make better decisions when buying and selling livestock, it is easy to use onfarm or at the sale yard, and best of all it is a free service.


How do I log in to AgriHQ Finisher?

All you need to do to be on your way to using AgriHQ Finisher is to register your details with us and then we will provide you with your login, this can be done by clicking the button below. Once you've registered, you will be sent an email confirming that you are now registered to use Finisher. It just takes a few minutes to register for this free service.

AgriHQ Finisher Log in Or Register

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