Feed Noticeboard

AgriHQ knows this is one of the hardest summers in a while for farmers, so we are temporarily publishing this page to make it easier for those in need of feed to find those with feed available to sell.

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Location Feed Info Price Name Contact Number
Sth Auckland - Pokeno

40 x Hay Bales. Small size.

Cut and baled last week. Pick up only.

$14/bale Dirk Wolf 022 685 1941
Hawkes Bay - Hastings

4 x 1 Tonne Maize Bags. Smaller-size kernels.

Can load onto carrier of your choice.

$450/t (plus GST) Nick Sowman 021 226 6848
Hawkes Bay - Napier

50 x Meadow Hay

100 x Lucerne Baleage (Big rounds, 10 equivalent)

Starting from $45/bale Lyndon Pedlow (06) 835 7779
Hawkes Bay - Hastings

500 x Meadow Hay

Conventional bales strapped in 10 bale bundles. Good cattle hay (not rain damaged but rougher pasture)

Loader available.


$7.50 + per conventional bale

Chris Speers 0274 297 330
Hawkes Bay - Waipawa

Meadow Hay (Large 1.5 bales, ave weight 416kg)

Good meadow mix with clover, rye, native. Good colour and clean.


Darren Cooper 027 232 1981
Hawkes Bay - Waipukurau

Barley Straw (1.6 square). Can load.


Barley (1/2 ton, 1 ton bags). Truck loads. 


$45 (excl GST)


$430/t (plus GST)

Kurt Mackie 027 542 3232
Manawatu - Longburn

100 x Baleage Rounds

Can load & transport anywhere at buyers cost.

$78/bale (plus GST) John Scarlett 027 288 7874
Manawatu - Ashhurst

350 x Round Hay Bales

February baled. Loading available.

$55/bale (plus GST) Robert Kirk 027 447 4626
Manawatu - Levin

approx. 140 x Round Bales (10 Equivalent)

approx. 125 x Big Square Bales (10 Equivalent)

All Nov/Dec baled. Loaded on truck.

$93/bale (plus GST)

Mike Plowman (06) 368 2343
Manawatu - Feilding

50 x Round Baleage (10 Equivalent)

 $80/bale (plus GST) Caro Haack 021 280 4696

Lucerne Silage (ave 650kg bales)

Very good quality with feed test available.

Please contact for a delivered price to all regions. Based on full load of approx. 42 bales.

POA Yvette Duval 027 536 9969
Manawatu - Palmerston Nth

500 x Round Baleage

Good quality. Average 750kg. All rotor cut, film wrapped at least 6 layers.

Can arrange cartage anywhere in the Nth Isl.

$90/bale (plus GST) Moleta Perry 0274 522 533
Wairarapa - Greytown

Barley straw - bale size 700/800/2100.

Clean, nice golden colour. Last of harvest available.

Price is loaded on the truck.

$42.50 Mike Slater 0274 845 257
Nth Canterbury - Cust

Barley straw 4x3. Ave weight around 330kg.

Pictures and more details.


Ryegrass straw 4x3. Ave weight around 400kg.

Pictures and more details.

We can work with the buyer to arrange delivery. Reasonable quantity still available.

$55/bale (excl GST)



$65/bale (excl GST)

Roscoe Taggart 027 517 5922
Canterbury - West Melton

180 x Baleage (Medium square)


200 x Meadow Hay (Medium square). Not that good, but better than straw.


All loaded.




Mike Thomson 027 228 9868
Canterbury - Weedons

600 plus x Meadow Hay (Conventional Bales)

Great quality with few weeds. Baled Christmas week. Must go soon as property under offer.



Robin McEwan 021 146 5168

Straw (ex Ashburton).

Wheat Straw/ Barley/ Rye Grass.

4x3 Squares.

Please contact for delivered price to all North Island & South Island regions.


Yvette Duval 027 536 9969
Otago - Ranfurly

150 x Lucerne Baleage Rounds (2 rows 75).

$100/bale (plus GST)

Michael Lilley 027 513 8887
Otago - Wanaka

550 x Lucerne Baleage. 

This seasons. All good quality.


200 x Grass Baleage.

Good clover + grass mix.  All good quality.

$100/bale (plus GST)


$85/bale (plus GST)


Scott Aubrey 0274 338 974
Otago - Queenstown

350 x Grass/Clover Baleage.

This years. Loader available.

$70/bale (excl GST)

Jez Scott 0274 334 106