Analyst Intel

4 June 2021

SALE YARD WRAP | Moving day hampered for Canterbury

Moving day for dairy farmers and their herds was supposed to be a straightforward event for 2021 and reports from around the North Island are that this was so.

But South Island movements were hampered by the heavy rain and flooding through the wider Canterbury region, though allowances were made where they were needed. Building up to Moving Day the sale yards had seen a seasonal lift in boner cattle volume, which is typical as dairy farmers cull down to required numbers for the new season. Temuka is the biggest selling centre for South Island boner cattle and though the sale was cancelled last week, building up to that May had a total of 2000 cull dairy cows and heifers through the gates. The month started on a deflated market at an average of $1.04-$1.19/kg but demand grew as the month progressed and the last sale posted averages of $1.25-$1.34/kg. Friesian cows made a premium while crossbred and Jersey traded at the lower end of those ranges. In the North Island, tallies were not as substantial but there was still a notable lift in volume leading up to the 1st June. Prices followed a similar trajectory to the South Island, though at higher averages. Feilding, Frankton, Rangiuru and Taranaki started May at $1.30-$1.60/kg but by month-end values had climbed to $1.70-$1.76/kg.