Analyst Intel

6 December 2019

ACROSS THE RAILS | Thinking outside the square pays off

By Suz Bremner

Sometimes it pays to think outside the square and break from tradition because one might just be pleasantly surprised with the results. That rang true at Frankton a few weeks ago when the need for a bull-only sale became apparent and the idea was bandied around.

Bulls are left to later in the day on Frankton’s main selling day of Wednesday and New Zealand Farmers Livestock agent Gareth Price said that creates some frustration for buyers and sellers alike. “Buyers would have to sit through what could be up to three hours of selling before they even lay eyes on a bull and that put a number of people off. Also, the length of time bulls were standing in the yards was of concern so NZ Farmers Livestock opted to hold a separate sale on a Thursday and it was a huge success.” 

The sale was built around two to three main consignments but with a bit of homework done by agents the tally grew to 280, mainly yearling, bulls. With good volume and spread of quality lines of typical bull breeds, local buyers were more than happy to make a return trip to the yards and appreciated the fact they could complete their shopping in under two hours, which was solely spent on bulls. For vendors it was a win, too, with prices at a premium to what would typically be achieved at the Wednesday sale. Friesian bull pricing was solid with most weighing 300-370kg and selling for $3.20-$3.31/kg while 11 Jersey bulls caught the eye of two buyers and at 250kg made a tidy $1000. Herefords sold as sires for $1560-$1610 and there were plenty of other success stories.

The sale was such a success a second bull-only day is already on the cards for Thursday December 12, which will feature yearlings again, as well as return service bulls.