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ACROSS THE RAILS | Have farmers lost their passion for sheep?

11 October 2019

Farmgate lamb prices have never been stronger but we are not seeing any growth in our breeding flocks. The rise of winter trading premiums hasn’t gone unnoticed by breeders and this year many traditional hill-country farms have opted to cash in on that market where they can. For those who couldn’t sustain lambs that long the store market was just reward.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Bidr online platform wins over farmers

4 October 2019

In this modern age it was only a matter of time before selling livestock online became the norm and it is something that has grown in capacity over the years, stemming from Trademe through to the latest online auction platform, bidr. Bidr was launched by PGG Wrightson at Fieldays in June though is a stand-alone company and stock agencies register to sell stock via the system. It is essentially a virtual sale yard and operates in much the same capacity as the yards. The beauty of bidr is that buying can be done from the comfort of home and access to livestock for sale stretches the length of the country.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Prime lambs finish on a record high

30 September 2019

With the end of the old season prime lamb market nigh it appears the game is just starting to heat up as buyers scramble to get their hands on the last of them. Competition typically increases as processors face a lag between the old and new season lambs but never in New Zealand’s history have we seen lambs reach such high prices so regularly.

ACROSS THE RAILS | There’s always a tussle for Angus

16 September 2019

We all know spring likes to throw anything at the countryside and the start of the 2019 season has fully lived up to that with close to the worst conditions felt all winter over the weekend and into the earlier part of the week. Spring arriving about Wednesday to build up to what felt almost tropical in comparison. Rain was more than appreciated in many areas to kick the grass into gear and with the likelihood of a spring abundant with feed very much on the cards now I can already feel the grass market looming at the farmgate.