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ACROSS THE RAILS | Benchmark finally set for beef weaner prices

9 March 2020

A turbulent start to the year means beef weaner fairs have been approached with much trepidation as the dry to drought conditions and factors affecting international markets have caused many sleepless nights. Entries on the books for some fairs have been so low agents have postponed them while others were held but volume was exceptionally low. At the Wellsford steer fair only 55% of the previous year’s yarding was penned while Frankton offered only a quarter of 2019 tallies. The task of setting benchmarks fell on Stortford Lodge last week where 1400 steers and 1000 heifers, traditional and exotic, were sold. Volume at these fairs was similar to previous years with vendors still targeting these early fairs despite the uncertainty. 

ACROSS THE RAILS | No wool sheep mean no worries

24 February 2020

Wiltshire sheep have recently come under the spotlight as the labour required and shearing costs associated with the more traditional breeds start to outweigh a dwindling wool cheque for crossbred wool.

Sarah's Country | Unpacking the facts

7 February 2020

AgriHQ analysts Suz Bremner, Mel Croad and Nicola Dennis, unpack the facts around the influence of coronavirus on our sheep and beef markets. They want to see some realities about the state of play and some positivity about the long term resilience of our lamb and beef markets.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Shaky start to the new year at the saleyards

21 January 2020

Now that we are a few weeks into sales for 2020, we have a pretty clear picture of how they are playing out. 

It would be fair to say it has been a shaky start, with drops in schedules over the break continuing to hamper any upwards movement in the prime markets. The store markets are always at the mercy of the weather gods at this time of year and when one looks at a soil moisture deficit map and it shows nearly 80% of the country being somewhere between orange and red (dry or very dry), then it is hardly surprising to see that demand for stock has also dried up.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Game of two halves for ewe fairs

17 January 2020

As a rugby-loving nation any opportunity to use the age-old analogy about a game of two halves is always jumped on and it is perfect when reflecting on the results of the first ewe fairs of 2020. It does mean, though, the fairs have not always posted results that meet the high expectations many have for them, myself included. High levels were reached but perhaps not as consistently as many had hoped.

ACROSS THE RAILS | No quiet start to the year for Te Kuiti

10 January 2020

While some yards ease into the new year in relative quiet there is no cruisey start for Te Kuiti with the year kicking off with cattle fairs every day of the week. The yard can lay claim to be the first cattle fair to kick off each year, with that week targeted as cattle are at their peak.

Older steers and bulls began the week, followed by three days of yearling steers and finishing with yearling heifers and bulls on Friday. Tallies accumulated to just shy of 5000 head and the 30 staff and stock agents working at the yards could have been forgiven for thinking it was Ground Hog Day. But each day ran like a well-oiled machine with close to and sometimes more than 1000 cattle yarded relatively seamlessly for a lunchtime start.