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ACROSS THE RAILS: The build-up to beef weaner fairs starting

25 February 2019

The build-up to the beef weaner fairs has begun and I can already feel the anticipation growing around the yards. They are among the highlights on the cattle calendar and set the scene for store cattle prices for the rest of the year.

ACROSS THE RAILS: A sea of traditional cattle a fantastic sight

18 February 2019

What beef farmer doesn’t love casting an eye over a sea of well-bred traditional cattle, shining in the East Coast sunshine on a hot summer day. I know it makes me smile to see such a line-up and last week two prominent fairs on the east coast of the North Island were looked on by many with satisfaction.

ACROSS THE RAILS: Lamb tucker quality and quantity dry up

11 February 2019

As a typical kiwi summer unfolds across the country the wonderful feed levels are diminishing and quality is dropping off. 

There is plenty of cattle tucker still around but the quality, short lamb tucker is burning off and crops are hardening, which has thrown caution into the store lamb market both at the yards and in the paddocks. 

ACROSS THE RAILS: Hot, dry weather brings caution to store cattle markets

4 February 2019

And so here we find ourselves at the start of February already. Kids are heading back to school, summer has finally arrived and January feels like it never happened. I always feel January is a little bit non-existent and it certainly has been for the regular sales, with numbers generally low thanks to great grass covers. But it has by no means been quiet for special sales with plenty of action at dairy-beef weaner fairs, breeding ewe fairs and on-farm sales.