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ACROSS THE RAILS | Bull beef farmers have reason to smile

15 November 2019

Bull beef farmers are a very happy bunch or at least they should be. Overseas demand for their product has soared this year.  Overseas demand for their product has soared this year. In the space of 12 months imported 95CL bull meat has lifted from a low of US$1.88/lb to now be well over US$3/lb. Factor in the lower exchange rate and export returns for 95CL bull are pitched over NZ$10/kg. It’s no wonder farmgate bull prices have propelled well over $6/kg and in some instances are now priced higher than prime beef. It’s a simple equation of demand outstripping supply. And it begins with two importing powerhouses slugging it out to secure the volumes they so desperately need.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Prime hogget volume spikes in the South Island

25 October 2019

It is a busy time at the South Island sheep sales as the last rush to get prime hoggets offloaded produced a spike in volume. September and October are busy months, though the season and schedule prices dictate which is more hectic, and this year October is winning.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Seemingly impossible prices for new season lambs

18 October 2019

While it has been a wet and miserable week in Hawke’s Bay there will be very few farmers complaining about it with the timing perfect for most. Grass markets are now kicking in on cattle but the real talking point was the seemingly impossible levels store lambs found themselves at last Wednesday at Stortford Lodge. Anyone with an interest in store lambs would have been keen to know how these first lambs fared, with the only lambs to be offered previously being 260 at Feilding.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Have farmers lost their passion for sheep?

11 October 2019

Farmgate lamb prices have never been stronger but we are not seeing any growth in our breeding flocks. The rise of winter trading premiums hasn’t gone unnoticed by breeders and this year many traditional hill-country farms have opted to cash in on that market where they can. For those who couldn’t sustain lambs that long the store market was just reward.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Bidr online platform wins over farmers

4 October 2019

In this modern age it was only a matter of time before selling livestock online became the norm and it is something that has grown in capacity over the years, stemming from Trademe through to the latest online auction platform, bidr. Bidr was launched by PGG Wrightson at Fieldays in June though is a stand-alone company and stock agencies register to sell stock via the system. It is essentially a virtual sale yard and operates in much the same capacity as the yards. The beauty of bidr is that buying can be done from the comfort of home and access to livestock for sale stretches the length of the country.