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ACROSS THE RAILS | There’s always a tussle for Angus

16 September 2019

We all know spring likes to throw anything at the countryside and the start of the 2019 season has fully lived up to that with close to the worst conditions felt all winter over the weekend and into the earlier part of the week. Spring arriving about Wednesday to build up to what felt almost tropical in comparison. Rain was more than appreciated in many areas to kick the grass into gear and with the likelihood of a spring abundant with feed very much on the cards now I can already feel the grass market looming at the farmgate.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Lambs out the gate as the tractors go in

6 September 2019

This time of year sees a variety of sheep coming forward, in all shapes and sizes. While it is early days for new season lambs there were a handful at Stortford Lodge last Monday, which looked out of place among the monsters that were last year’s lambs.

ACROSS THE RAILS | South Island calf pens are ghost towns

30 August 2019

With dairy calving well through now feeder calf sales should be a regular event for rearers. The North Island is trading calves as normal with yards busy but those in the larger Canterbury area resemble ghost towns. It is yet another tragedy of Mycoplasma bovis with fewer calves being sold on the open market and a sharp increase in private sales as buyers go directly to reputable and Mycoplasma-free sources.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Market grows for ewes with lambs-at-foot

23 August 2019

Yards around the North Island are resonating with the sound of new season lambs as the ewes with lambs-at-foot market gains momentum. Over the years it is a market that has grown in popularity for sellers, going from one that was there out of necessity to a popular outlet. While the hard work of lambing must be done beforehand it has proved over the years to be a lucrative market and one that some specifically target. For many buyers the fact the lambing beat is done and they can see exactly what they are getting is attractive. It is also the only way to secure new season lamb numbers early in the season and while they look young now, those being sold will be the first to finish.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Everyone gets behind charity at Marton hogget fair

19 August 2019

At a time where it seems there’s a constant stream of bad news aimed at rural New Zealand it is nice to shine a light on some of the positive actions taking place.

One shining example of this was last week’s annual Marton Hogget Fair in Feilding. For pure farming reasons it is one of those sales a fair share of lower North Island farmers have circled on their calendars. Each year it’s a sight to behold as upwards of 15,000 lambs congregate on the yards, offering buyers the rare chance to secure big numbers of very heavy, top-quality lines. It’s not uncommon for them to weigh in at 55kg or more while only a minority are below 40kg.