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ACROSS THE RAILS: Turbulence surrounds R2 cattle sales

10 May 2019

It's only in the last fortnight the weak R2 steer and heifer market has really become apparent. Using information from the eight North Island yards where AgriHQ collects data, the average beef and beef-cross R2 steer is making $2.70/kg, with heifers at $2.43/kg. The South Island is around 15c/kg lower on both classes. 

ACROSS THE RAILS: Lamb continues to shine as demand rolls on

6 May 2019

This time last year sheep farmers were rubbing their hands in glee. Lamb slaughter prices had catapulted above $7/kg while mutton was on the brink of soaring through the $5/kg barrier. We were cautious last year about extending the market beyond its capabilities. There were concerns that if supply increased it would weaken export values, which would flow through to the farmgate.

ACROSS THE RAILS: Calf sales go on despite short week

29 April 2019

A combination of Easter, Anzac Day and school holidays made for a few mucky weeks on the sales calendar. With just three days to hold sales last week, they were busy ones as some sales shift days, though they tend to be a bit of a non-event as do many of the sales held on normal days.

ACROSS THE RAILS: Friesian bull prices align with 2015

18 April 2019

Four-year lows for schedule prices, dry conditions and that Mycoplasma bovis cloud that just doesn’t seem to dissipate are all impacting on Friesian bull prices this year, with prices looking set to align with 2015 levels.