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AgriHQ&A – Where are these prices heading?

22 September 2020

Where are these prices heading? Join AgriHQ analysts Suz Bremner, Mel Croad and Nicola Dennis as they discuss the latest Livestock Outlook report, competition in the Chinese markets and unsold lamb racks.

PULSE | Price decline for ewes with LAF

18 September 2020

The ewes with lambs-at-foot (LAF) market has not lived up to year-ago levels, however prices haven’t been bad. It would seem poor scanning results because of the earlier drought will have left some farms in need of replacement stock.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Spring offers mixed fortunes

18 September 2020

So far spring has provided farmers with mixed fortunes, as conditions have been great for lambing and calving in most areas, but once again we find ourselves with very limited rain falling and that is starting to cause concern.

ACROSS THE RAILS | Rearers absent from the rails

11 September 2020

The feeder calf market has not been smooth sailing this year. In fact, it has been the hardest market PGG Wrightson Waikato’s feeder calf guru Neil Lyons has seen, and he has seen a few in his nearly 60 years in the industry.