There are good wages to be made in agri and great business building opportunities, and a fantastic lifestyle. We need you to help us tell other young people what else is great about working in the sector. Make us a short video to tell young non-rural people why they should consider a career in agri or hort – tell them a bit about your job, why you love it and what the opportunities are – we will brand it #landyourdreamjob, use it for promo on the website and send you a branded fleecy tee for your troubles.

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Fencing for farming

After sticking at his first shepherding job for five years, Jacob Hyslop is leaving with a wide range of skills and experience and having carried lots of responsibility. The judges recognised this when they gave him first place in this year’s Wairarapa Sheep and Beef Shepherd of the Year competition. 

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  • Self belief is no bull

    With the National Rodeo Title under his belt in 2010/2011, Adam Jamison knew he had what it took to follow his bull riding dreams on Canadian soil. 

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  • All in a deer’s work

    With a nurse mother and accountant father, Rachel Worth had to rely on Dunedin school friends to spend time on farms as a kid.

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  • Pay it forward

    Jayden Harvey has been in the dairy industry since he was 15 years old but he manages to balance his dedication to a busy job with farming competitions, club activities, outside interests and community work.

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  • Moo Mates

    Dairying is not all about milking cows – there are lots of ways of working with cows without being tied to milking them. Kirstin Wahlberg is a trained vet technician who runs her own business, Moo Mates, working with farmers doing cow jobs. It’s a business that gets her out and about on lots of farms doing a variety of work.

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Tangata Whenua Training

Whenua Kura is a Ngai Tahu-led farm training initiative for young Maori to gain qualifications in agriculture and move into farming and the wider agricultural industry. Training 30 young people in 2015, with plans for up to 100 each year, the programme has the potential for transformational change for individuals and their wider whanau. 

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  • Ben of the high country

    Ben Maxwell grew up as a city boy but he’d had a taste of farm life and knew where he wanted to be. Signing up for a course on high country farming set him free to follow his heart.

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  • Ahuwhenua winning wahine

    Hannah Wallace from Wairoa is the first wahine winner of the Ahuwhenua Young Maori Farmer award. Since she was six years old and her father’s chief “nodder spotter” and later nodding thistle chipper, she has always known her future was in the farming industry.

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  • Sharing success with staff

    She’s just 25, but Brooke Miller is managing an 1100-cow Landcorp farm near Cape Foulwind on the West Coast and achieving results that put it among Landcorp’s top five performing dairy farms in the country.

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  • Handing on the handpiece

    Shearing legend David Fagan went all out in his last-ever competitive season, which ended in celebration at the New Zealand Shearing Championships in his home town of Te Kuiti in April. His son Jack’s shearing career is just beginning. Anne Calcinai caught up with the father and son in Te Kuiti to reflect on one stellar career and find out what Jack’s plans are for the future.

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Steps to succession

Succession planning is a term that has been talked about increasingly in the rural sector yet still seems to be placed in the too-hard basket.

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  • Better Budgeting

    Farm budgeting doesn’t need to be something that takes all day in the office, says Figured’s Sophie Stanley.

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  • Livestock online

    *Problem:* Stock agents have details of their lines of stock for sale in their notebooks and their heads – why can’t the pictures and details be instantly up on the internet for everyone to see them?

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  • FarmHelp at your fingertips

    Kiwi ingenuity accompanied by 40 years farming experience and a whole lot of can-do attitude got BaleTwine Apps off the ground in August 2012.

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  • Stock on your device

    Identifying a gap in the market, Jason Kjestrup had a brainwave on how to help stock agents and farmers advertise or find stock or grazing.

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Climbing the ladder

Morgan Rogers travels the globe to negotiate contracts for plant variety rights with apple growers and it all began from humble beginnings of sheer hard labour at the bottom of the ladder. At 31, Morgan already has 17 years work experience in the horticulture industry. Along the way it’s funded his university costs and travel around the world. It began when he was just 14, after his father told him to get a job during his school holidays or start paying rent. Morgan got on his bike and found a job at nearby Waimea Nurseries, doing the physical jobs that are part and parcel of horticulture.

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  • Mixing work and play

    A university degree with a mixture of plant biotechnology and computer studies has been a winning mix for Vincent Borgers who uses both his strengths in his role with Plant and Food as a data systems analyst, creating a system to efficiently record and access data on kiwifruit cultivars.

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  • Hop to it

    Most ardent beer fans have never seen the tiny green hop cones that deliver aroma and flavour to beer, but fourth generation hop grower Brent McGlashen lives and breathes the aromatic crop.

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  • Green dreams

    Liza Whalley was born with green fingers – and possibly thumbs – although as a kid, training dogs was what she wanted to do with her life.

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  • Improving productivity – sustainably

    AgriCommerce student James Roberston has won a trip to the Global Youth-Ag Summit in Australia in August as a delegate to join the discussion on feeding a growing world population.

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All fired up

While many people get involved in high-adrenaline sports outside of work time, others take up high-adrenaline volunteer off-farm or off-shore pursuits, many in the name of helping their community or country, like West Coast firefighters Nathan Keoghan and Matt Knudsen. 

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  • Flying to freedom

    You probably know Mary Wanhill as Scary Mary or Mary Perkins. She earned the nickname Scary Mary for a reason – how scared the crowd was to see her flying through the air on, above or somehow hanging on to a freestyle motocross bike.

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  • Cars and cows

    The flying dirt and roaring stock-car engines are a weekly fix for thousands of addicted motorsport fans. Stock car meetings are among the most consistently attended sporting events, a family event that tends to attract family participation. Joblin is a name synonymous with stock car racing. Russell Joblin was a top stock car driver in the late 1970s and 80s, who won the NZ Champs in 1985. Now his sons Simon, Scott and Adam are following in their father’s footsteps. Ross Nollycaught up with the boys whose life is cars and cows.

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  • Winged Wonders

    *A century ago the world was embroiled in a conflict the likes of which had never been seen before. World War I drew innocent young Kiwis into a bloody conflict on the other side of the planet against a foe that was impossible to understand, but equally impossible to ignore. The onset of war accelerated mechanisation at a rate never before experienced, and there was no better example of that than the first airplanes used in conflict. One hundred years later some of those incredible contraptions were on display, with many others, at a flying festival fit for the stars. Wings over Wairarapa 2015 took on special significance because of its timing and as Young Country found out, it did not disappoint.*

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  • A real Barrier bloke

    Great Barrier Island isn’t home to many but it’s sustained generations of Wayde Blackwell’s family. And because he couldn’t tear himself away from its lifestyle there’s a new generation beginning life on the island.

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On the trail of tahr

Winter has arrived and seems to be in full swing. Up north the sika hunters will be searching for the open sunny clearings where the deer will be sitting during the day. Down south, winter means tahr hunting and duck shooting.

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  • Hunting the great outdoors…and home

    Hello there one and all. I hope you all had a great couple of months and managed to get out there and play just as hard as you worked.

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  • Bitten by Chihuahua’s kindness

    San Cristobel is a tourist resort nestled in the mountainous region of Chiapis, southern Mexico. Made famous by the Zapatista Uprising in 1994 when the 'Army of National Liberation' captured and held the town for two weeks before being overrun by the military. It is a long way from northern Mexico where I spent a week in the desert presenting a new bow hunting series being filmed for the Discovery Channel. 

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  • Branding a stag

    This yarn is about Patrick. Patrick was engaged to be married you see and no self respecting kiwi bloke would dare tie the knot without first having a stag party. As it so happened the lads shanghaied me into taking them on a rafting trip down a river to spot X with the intention of getting the stag onto a stag while having a jolly good time in the process, if that makes sense.

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  • Flock off, sheep

    Spring. That means longer days and more work.

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You catch it, we make it

Call it fate, coincidence or serendipity, but Wild Game Salami owner Rob Beard is a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Like how he came to be in possession of a gem of a recipe for black pudding.

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  • Shades of greens

    Three years ago Mosgiel couple Dale and Hannah Jordan knew nothing about hydroponics. Now they’re experts – although they won’t admit it.

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  • 'Ave an avo

    Escape to the country could be the headline for the bold move by Maria and Diego Fathollahi when they cashed in their Auckland do-up to buy a run-down avocado orchard at Houhora in the Far North.

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  • No blues for berry buddies

    Heidi and Ben Rosewarne unintentionally started their berry empire but now they are cornering the market in adding value to their produce and using their smart marketing strategy of getting to parents through the children.

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  • Venison tiki tour

    Most farmed deer are found south of Rakaia River. 

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Social Support

Older folk decry young ones for spending all their time on Facebook, but one fast-growing Facebook group, Farming Mums NZ, provides valuable support and interaction for isolated young farming mums. Jackie Harrigan spoke to Chanelle O’Sullivan, one of the drivers of the popular page.

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  • The fruits of his labour

    Education and experience can take you a long way in your career, but networking and mentoring can open doors you never dreamed of. Future Leaders chairman Shaun Vickers has benefited from that, and wants to offer other young horticulturists the same opportunity.

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  • Step by Step

    They say if you want something done, ask a busy person.

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  • Working on Wellness

    Federated Farmers policy advisor Kristy McGregor has seen the positive effect that running a ladies’ weekend full of fun and frivolity, but with an underlying emphasis on emotional and physical wellbeing, can have for rural women in Australia, and sees the potential to kick off a similar series here too. Jackie Harrigan chatted to the Aussie import about the Channel Country Ladies’ Day.

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  • Woolly thinking

    Wool industry training has undergone some massive changes over the past few years. Rebecca Harper caught up with some woolly workers and captured their reactions on the new model of on the job training.

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Mastering the agribusiness

Agribusiness has become buzzword encompassing the huge business of agriculture and young people are starting to realise the jobs that are available for a business graduate with a good understanding of agricultural or horticultural industries. Jackie Harrigan talked to a couple of young graduates who took their agribusiness studies to the masters level.

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  • Realising potential

    Loretta Smyth has proven herself as a farm manager developing a rundown farm and is now making similar inroads into Northland College’s underperforming dairy farm. Jackie Harrigan talked to Loretta about realising potential – in her dairy herd and in the agri-academy students learning their trade on the farm.

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  • The Young Ones

    Rural real estate agents are selling New Zealand - but when their livelihood is based on making a sale and it could be months between sales when you are starting out, how do you get a toehold in the industry? Jo Grigg investigates some interesting ways of cracking into the industry. 

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  • A helping hand

    Ever imagined willingly putting your hand up a cows bum? Well it’s a task artificial insemination (AI) technicians do every day and don’t think twice about. Sam Tennent investigates why they get paid for the pleasure.

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  • From dole to dairying

    It’s too easy to write off someone on the dole, Paul Devening has learnt at Tectra.

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Your first dog

When buying your first dog, first make sure the animal is going to be an asset not a liability. Sometimes young folk can be a dumping ground for old dogs past their use-by date. But a genuine dog with a few useful years left is a good option to get you started. These dogs are not always easy to source.

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  • Dogs need consistency

    A common mistake people make is waffling to their pups and dogs in sentences or repeating a command over and over again.

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  • Worrying dogs

    I recently had a phone call from a friend with a huge problem.

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  • Don’t teach bad habits

    It is very important when you rear a pup to ‘start as you mean to go on’. You might inadvertently teach the pup something that is annoying further down the track, so think carefully about everything you do.

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  • Drawing the line

    In the last issue I wrote about Baz, a heading dog condemned by two tutors. After a small amount of my training he was a stunning young dog with the potential to go far.

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Making good coin

I’ve been thinking about why anyone would sign up to the dole when there is a shortage of workers in the agri industry. 

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  • Editorial - Working together

    I was lucky enough to spend a week in Bali at a family wedding recently – and I was struck by the power of collaboration – everywhere you look in that tiny country, people work together.

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  • OE Kiwis

    When I was 21, I set off with a friend to work a university summer on a Queensland cattle station.

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  • Annual Achievement Awards

    You have all heard of the Oscars and the Golden Globes...Well this year we would like to bring you our own awards to honour 2014...

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  • Editorial - Lifelong learning

    No one ever said a science degree would be easy – but it has been my passport to many interesting jobs and an exciting career that has taken me all over the country and around the world.

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Conversational reviews – Chatting over a cuppa

Having an employment relationship where both parties feel valued has a positive flow-on effect much wider than just on the farm.

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  • Propagate winter hardwood cuttings

    Propagating using hardwood cuttings is one of the easiest propagation techniques. Using cuttings from dormant deciduous trees and woody plants, you can employ this method for amenity shrubs and trees, vines, currents, berries and fruit trees. You should do this once the leaves have fallen off and before the new buds break.

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  • Getting to know each other

    The interview is probably the most important conversation you will ever have with a potential employer or employee. It is your first chance to make a great first impression and to determine whether that person is the person you want to enter an employment relationship with and work with onfarm. The interview is about giving and gathering key information. Most importantly, it’s about quantifying information; the skills, attributes, attitudes and working conditions needed by each party to assess if the job will be the right fit. Being prepared for an interview is critical. 

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  • The best C.V. and job advert

    In the New Year people start thinking about changing jobs and employers are thinking of employing new staff if they have vacancies. Agripeople human resources consultant Racquel Cleaver gives some tips for creating a clear, concise and relevant curriculum vitae (CV) and a vacancy advert that attracts the right kind of applicant for the job.

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Young Country + April, 2014 e-zine

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