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Sibling sense

There’s an old saying that life is a challenge, not a competition but Allen, 20, and Robert, 19, Gregory would more than likely disagree.

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  • Dog deliverer

    Putting retired working dogs to sleep was the worst part of the job for vet nurse Natalie Smith, so she decided to do something about it.

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  • Third year’s a charm for young Nelson grower

    Riwaka manager Steve Thomas has beaten six of the best young fruit growers in the Nelson area at his third attempt.

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  • Size doesn’t matter

    She’s young, blond and petite but at only 19 Cologne McKinstry has been the stock manager on 2400ha in southern Hawke’s Bay for a year already and takes it in her, diminutive, stride.

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  • Offshore odyssey

    It’s not uncommon, especially for young Kiwis, to hop on a plane and head to the United Kingdom for a bit of overseas experience – or the big OE as it’s often called.

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Trying out The Top End

Victorian Kate Cross learnt a raw lesson on her first day in northern Australia.

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  • Born to the hills

    “Dry-stock farming is in my blood; I love it. I’ve always wanted to be here and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do,” Parapara farmer Teresa O’Neill said as the rain softly drummed on the woolshed’s corrugated iron roof.

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  • What’s happening with wool?

    Wool is sustainable, biodegradable, fire resistant, durable, warm and has the potential to be used for a multitude of purposes – so why isn’t it worth more than it is when the fadges leave the woolshed?

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  • Best supporting role

    Hastings-based farm consultant Ben Harker is exactly where he wants to be – in the thick of farmer decision-making.

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  • Meet the meat men

    James McWilliam’s friends wondered where his career was going when he spent a year on the slaughter floor and in the boning room of a Gisborne meat plant. But he says it was the making of him and by 24 he was working in a meat marketing role for Kiwi meat company Ovation in England.

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Aint that a punch in the face

Aiden Cunningham, 23, reckons those who haven’t stepped into a boxing ring don’t know how much fun it is to be punched in the face.

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  • Muddy good fun

    What started as a simple idea to host a mud run on a family farm quickly morphed into months of hard work. Blood, sweat and tears were poured into the day even before the race was run. But the result, the McDonalds Mud Muster, pulled in more than 400 entrants in all shapes and sizes to tackle a course unique to New Zealand. Andrew Stewart gives Young Country a unique insight into the genesis of the event and some advice for others considering doing the same.

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  • Buck up

    With rodeo season gearing up, it's good to know there is some great research and passion going into the sport, to breed the best bulls possible to give both the cowboys and those on the ground a great experience.  Annabelle Latz headed to Duncan and Tina Mackintosh's Eight Seconds Bull Riding property at north Canterbury's White Rock at the start of the season, to yarn about bull riding and meet some of the up and coming characters.

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  • Teen Shemozzle showed stamina

    The first ever Young Country teen shemozzle race at the Hunterville Huntaway Festival was a triumph of stamina and staying power for 100 teens from all over the lower North Island who ran the race on Saturday.

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  • Two wheeler fear factor

    Telford student Melissa Were has taken on the world in her chosen sport of BMX racing.

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Oh dear, no deer!

Its that time of year, word on the street is that the stags are moving around with the odd roar here and there. Me and my mate Smitty just got back from an epic mission into the hills out the back of home. We were originally planning to go up a ridge, stay the night, then come back down said ridge the following day with a set of antlers each and more meat than you can poke a stick at. I was carrying my bow as I have decided to give the stags a chance this roar and not take my rifle. Smitty reckons I’m going to see a stag and my homemade wooden arrows will just bounce off it and it will trot off calmly into the forest. Hence the reason he was packing a .270 Winchester Short Magnum with suppressor, match grade trigger, hand-loaded ammo and a bunch of other modifications that were going to make it shoot straighter, go further and hit harder.

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  • My first deer

    Right then, so where was I, oh yeah, deer hunting and how I got into it.

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  • From concrete jungle to great outdoors

    Howdy folks,

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  • Sambar dances on hunter

    Gee it was cold. A good old frost had settled that night, leaving icy needles on the young pines.

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  • Lay down your guns

    Young Country writer Davey Hughes is best known for his books and hunting columns. Yet he typically heads away on just as many international trips where pure adventure is the trophy. He recently returned from a whirlwind jaunt to Montana in the United States where he visited his daughter Taygen.

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Beefing up the family business

Joe Carey wanted to get out of the cow shed and farm beef animals, but he didn’t just want to put his prime steers on the truck and wave byebye.

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  • Made by Mandy

    There are no shortcuts in the making of Mandy’s Horseradish Sauce.

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  • Not your average pasta dish

    The onset of summer means different things to different people. For farmers like mum and Kevin in Otorohanga it means careful planning and management of stock to conserve grass and constant fretting over lack of rain, hoping it’s not a repeat of last year.

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  • DIY bangers

    *Brett McGregor*

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  • Mince – my unsung hero

    Mince is one of my favourite things to cook with.

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Match maker, match maker, make me a match….

Finding love in the countryside has always been a little fraught, especially for people living in isolated places.

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Land leasing lessons

Getting started farming in your own right can be a challenge and leasing is a great first option. Rebecca Harper investigates how it works and what you need to know about leasing.

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  • Down the policy road

    Kimberly Crewther has cut a track through the dairy industry at the policy level, travelling, juggling three children and pumping out policy and strategy papers as she went.

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  • From dark days to bright future

    Richard Fitzgerald laughed when a younger, new staff member said he’d been with Young Farmers “since the very beginning”.

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  • It’s in the blood

    *Angus and Hereford cattle breeding have run thick in the blood of the Murray family for well over 100 years, in the Clarence Valley, north of Kaikoura. Tuesday June 18 marked the 44th Annual Bull Sale of Woodbank Angus and Matariki Herefords - the biggest combined Angus and Hereford sale in New Zealand. Annabelle Latz went along to see how the latest crop of Murray’s fit into the dynasty.*

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  • Pick of the crop

    Ben James will be a name to look out for in the orchard world in the future.

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From dole to dairying

It’s too easy to write off someone on the dole, Paul Devening has learnt at Tectra.

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  • A helping hand

    Ever imagined willingly putting your hand up a cows bum? Well it’s a task artificial insemination (AI) technicians do every day and don’t think twice about. Sam Tennent investigates why they get paid for the pleasure.

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  • Planting the town green

    Kelly Jean Kerr loves gardening so much that when Young Country called to chat about her winning the Young Horticulturist of the Year she was spending her day off weeding her garden.

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  • Pastures new

    *Modern farmers enjoy many technological benefits their predecessors could only dream about. But although these innovations might have helped younger farmers work more efficiently, the days of multiple families living sustainably off one block of dirt have gone. Many young farmers faced with taking over the reins from farming parents are turning to off-farm careers to help fund succession planning.*

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  • Sheep – the milky way

    Milking sheep has been a dream come true for former Marlborough Girls College pupil Julie Brownlee.

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Consider your dog

Conserve your dog’s energy for when you really need it. They are not robots but living creatures that get tired. These tips will help your dog’s performance.

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Editorial - Spreading our reach

What do you want to do when you grow up? Most young people get sick of being asked because many simply don’t know the answer.

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  • New year, new resolutions

    I don’t know if anyone makes New Years resolutions anymore – they are probably a bit ‘last century’. The thought of working on and improving an aspect of your life for a whole year, starting on an arbitrary date probably seems a bit outdated to the generation who can get anything they want pretty much instantly - from the Internet, information at their fingertips, online shopping, dial it up, slap it on the plastic, comes in the mail – job done!

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  • Sunrise industry

    Back in the 90s agriculture was branded as a sunset industry.

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  • Global Issues

    Recently I was fortunate to travel overseas for two weeks on a work trip – everyone I know thinks I am using the term “work trip” very loosely – they think it was a huge junket involving lots of Pommy pub lunches and German beer houses. I strongly deny it.

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  • Bringing town kids into the country

    It’s an iconic image – a guy running down the street with a ram’s testicle in his mouth and a dog on his shoulder.

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